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8700 telephone network alarm device

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  • 8700 telephone network alarm device
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Product introduction

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, criminals' methods of committing crimes are becoming more and more cunning. A single family anti-theft facility can no longer meet the requirements of protecting people's lives and property safety. In response to this form, the international social security industry has developed a comprehensive, Intelligent networked alarm center system. This system greatly enhances the social security prevention capabilities, improves the strength of the security service industry and the effectiveness of police officers in handling major thefts, public security, fire, emergency and various emergencies. Limit the protection of the life and property of the country and people. 8700 Network Alarm Device

Detailed introduction

8700 Networked Alarm Equipment Features
1) Stable and reliable, that is, a mature product that is gradually improved according to the actual situation of the user after a long period of practical application.
2) Must be qualified products tested by the * testing center.
3) Must be able to work continuously 24 hours a year.
4) 24 hours of continuous operation must be guaranteed after AC power failure.
5) With high capacity, the more user information that can be received, the better.
6) Compatible with many communication formats, including: ADEMCO — ARITECH MOOSE — C & K — DSC — FBI
7) Can connect multiple lines
8) Lightning protection. The central receiver and the front-end users use a long-distance transmission line. In cities, due to the long distance, many users, complicated lines, many user lines are exposed to the open air. When thunderstorms occur, lightning high voltage can easily pass through the line and burn the machine.
9) Flexibility: can work with different software to meet the requirements of different users, for example: making electronic maps, map display boards ...
10) Center remote arming and disarming function.
11) Wired and wireless compatible,
12) Automatic detection of various tasks A. Whether the card is normal B. B. Is the line broken? A. Is the computer normally connected? Whether the backup battery is connected E. Whether the backup printer is connected

The basic function of the 8700 networked alarm device has time, date display, alarm prompt function, through which it can achieve networking with a computer, convenient management of basic technical parameters
With machine capacity: 9999 households, can be expanded according to user needs Storage function: Can store 431 pieces of user information Online function: With RS232 interface, can be connected to the computer Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Shell: paint finish

8700 Network Alarm Device

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