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Lilin Building Intercom—Type 8 Host

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  • Lilin Building Intercom—Type 8 Host
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  • 厦门立林科技 Xiamen Lilin Technology
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 厦门市 Xiamen City

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Product introduction

Lilin Building Intercom—Type 8 Host

Detailed introduction

basic skills:
1. High-grade aluminum die-casting panel, anti-riot and anti-corrosion;
2. No screw-fitting design on the surface, seamless integration;
3. The product adopts SMT process, with high integration and strong stability;
4. Night view function;
5. Video intercom, surveillance, password opening and disarming, access control and other functions;
6. Network with community management center to realize voice and video networking.

Technical Parameters:
1/3 ″ CCD camera
Card type: ID / IC
Card capacity: 15 cards / household
Appearance size: 240X120X58 (mm)
Embedded box size: 214 × 104 × 50 (mm 1X1)
Embedded box size: 214 × 225 × 50 (mm 1X2)
Embedded box size: 214 × 346 × 50 (mm 1X3)
Embedded box size: 214 × 647 × 50 (mm 1X4)
Installation size of iron door: 210 × 102 (mm 1X1)
Installation size of iron door: 210 × 223 (mm 1X2)
Installation size of iron door: 210 × 244 (mm 1X3)
Installation size of iron door: 210 × 465 (mm 1X4)

Product model / name

Applicable to the following systems
Aluminum die-casting type 8 host Digital home system
Aluminum die-casting type 8 host L8 [Visual] Intercom System

Special statement:
· Li Lin will make every effort to provide you with accurate and comprehensive information, but will not be responsible for possible errors or omissions in the information.
·The above are subject to change without notice.

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