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11 type touch button color visual network card swipe host

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  • 11 type touch button color visual network card swipe host
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  • 厦门立林科技 Xiamen Lilin Technology
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 厦门市 Xiamen City

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Product introduction

11-type touch key color visual network card swiping host: high-grade aluminum panel, surface anodized, corrosion resistance, high strength
Buttons can be conventional micro-switches or capacitive touch;
Windows and credit card windows are made of tempered glass, with high hardness and scratch resistance;

Detailed introduction

11 type touch button color visual network card swipe host

basic skills:

Display can choose TFT / LCD / LED, can post text message

CCD camera angle adjustable, visible at night

With video intercom, unlock, monitoring functions

With video and voice networking functions with the management center

With swipe card unlock, one-house one-password unlock function

With door opening detection function

With elevator control function

Technical Parameters:

Display: TFT / LCD / LED

Camera: 1/3 ″ CCD

Lens: 3.6mm, 92 ° viewing angle

Clarity: 420TVL

Minimum illumination: 0.01LUX

Video output: 1VP-P / 75Ω

Audio signal-to-noise ratio: ≥35dB

Audio distortion: ≤7%

Card type: ID / IC

Memory card capacity: 20,000

Power consumption: static ≤160mA

Dynamic ≤410mA

Working voltage: DC12V ± 10%

Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Appearance size: 380 × 240 × 54 (mm)

Embedded box size: 352 × 213 × 64 (mm)

11 type touch button color visual network card swipe host

Xiamen Lilin Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, the beautiful pearl of Southeast. 立林科技 的产品也伴随着鹭岛活泼明快的钢琴声走向全国,走入千家万户;智能化小区安全管理系统让千家万户过上了更加安宁、温馨、便捷的新生活。 Xiamen is connected to the mountains and the sea, and Xiamen is known as the island of music. Lilin Technology 's products have accompanied the lively and lively piano sound of Ludao to the whole country and entered millions of households. The intelligent community security management system has made millions of households pass A more peaceful, warm and convenient new life. After years of specialization and entrepreneurship, Lilin has quickly grown into a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of intelligent community security management systems. 楼宇防盗对讲(可视)系统 家庭多路防盗报警系统 远程集中抄表系统 ,融合了” 门禁系统”、”一卡通”、”监控系统”、”小区周界防范报警系统 ”,实现智能小区全fang位的安全防范、通信联网、智能抄表、智能物业管理,创造了 数字化智能 社区新生活。 The company has independently developed and produced building anti-theft intercom (visual) system , home multi-channel anti-theft alarm system , remote centralized meter reading system , and integrated " access control system", "one card", The “monitoring system” and “perimeter protection alarm system for the residential area” have realized the security prevention, communication networking, intelligent meter reading, and intelligent property management of the whole community of intelligent communities , and created a new life for the digital intelligent community.

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