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Yan Teng two-in-one ID card access control system, IC card access control

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  • Yan Teng two-in-one ID card access control system, IC card access control

  • Yan Teng two-in-one ID card access control system, IC card access control

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price $ 3500
  • YT-M200 Model YT-M200
  • 研腾 Brand Teng
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product introduction

Yanteng two-in-one ID card access control system, IC card access, Yanteng ID card access control system, ID card access, ID card information reading, access control, ID card access, second-generation ID card access, capture portrait ID card access control

Detailed introduction

Yan Teng two-in-one ID card access control system, IC card access control

Yanteng YT-M200 ID card access control system is suitable for public places such as the administrative department and public institution tax bureau library driving school!

Advantech's YT-M200 access control system provides two ways to open the door: IC card and ID card. It can save all the ID information or IC card number of the card reader, and the card swipe time for query. It provides strong evidence in the event of a security accident and further strengthens the security. And reliability.

Product parameters:

Model: YT-M200 (two in one can read ID card + IC card)
Main processor: STM32F407 (M4)
Capacity: 500,000 (can be increased as required)
ID card information capacity: 30,000 ID cards (can be increased upon request)
Record storage capacity: 500,000 card records (can be increased as required)
Identification mode: ID / IC / fingerprint / two-dimensional code / identity card (serial port and Wiegand interface)
Authentication mode: control panel authentication or computer control (can be customized)
Working mode switch: Configurable period switch, swipe card and report to computer: support (can report ID information)
Buzzer: Support
DHCP Assignment IP: Support
ADSL dial-up: Support custom tone: Support networking mode: TCP / IP network relay: 4 groups (up to 4 doors)
Wiegand interface: 4 groups (up to 4 Wiegand read heads are supported)
Serial port: 4 groups (various serial devices and screens)
Input signal: 4 groups (door open button and door sensor)
Power: 12V DC
Power consumption: <9W
Working environment temperature: -50 ° C—75 ° C (industrial)
Working environment humidity: 20% —60%
Storage environment temperature: -10 ° C—65 ° C
Storage environment humidity: 20% —80%

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