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[Supply] DH-IPC-HDBW3320 (5) R-HD Fixed Focus R-type Dome Network Camera

DH-IPC-HDBW3320 (5) R-HD Fixed Focus R-type Dome Network Camera
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Product introduction
DH-IPC-HDBW3320 (5) R HD fixed focus R-type dome network camera supports corridor mode, wide dynamic, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, digital watermark, suitable for different monitoring environments, suitable for finance, telecommunications, supermarket , Hotels, governments, schools, airports, factories, *, justice, safe cities and other places requiring ultra-high-definition image quality and complex lighting.
Detailed introduction

DH-IPC-HDBW3320 (5) R HD Fixed Focus R-type Dome Network Camera Product Overview:

High-performance 3 megapixel 1 / 3-inch CMOS image sensor, low light effect, good image clarity
3 million (2048x1536) @ 25fps
Support H.264 encoding, high compression ratio, ultra-low code stream
Zui large infrared monitoring distance 30 meters
Support corridor mode, wide dynamic, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, digital watermark, suitable for different monitoring environments
Supports ROI, SMART H.264, flexible encoding, suitable for different bandwidths and storage environments
Support alarm 2 input 2 output, audio 1 input 1 output, 128G SD card, built-in MIC
Support DC12V / POE power supply mode, convenient for engineering installation Support IP67, IK10 protection level

Technical parameters of DH-IPC-HDBW3320 (5) R HD fixed focus R-type dome network camera :

Parameter classification parameter Parameter value
Camera sensor type

1/3 inch CMOS

Sensor effective pixels

2048 * 1536

Adjust the angle

Horizontal: 0 ° ~ 355 °; Vertical: 0 ° ~ 75 °; Image flip 0 ° ~ 355 °

low light

0.01Lux (color mode); 0.001Lux (black and white mode); 0Lux (infrared light on)

zui large infrared distance

30 meters

Day and night conversion

IR-CUT automatic switching

scanning method

line-by-line scan

Noise reduction

3D noise reduction

Wide dynamic

stand by

Signal to noise ratio

> 56dB

Gain control

Manual / Auto

White balance

Manual / Auto


Support, selectable area

Glare suppression

stand by

Lens parameters Lens focal length

2.8mm; 3.6mm; 6mm; 8mm

Lens interface


Lens aperture

F2.0 / F2.1 / F2.0 / F2.2

Aperture control


Zoom type


Field of View

"Horizontal * vertical * diagonal 2.8mm: 88 ° * 66 ° * 110 ° 3.6mm: 68.5 ° * 50 ° * 85.5 ° 6mm: 42.5 ° * 32 ° * 52.5 ° 8mm: 32.5 ° * 25 ° * 40.5 °"

Audio parameters Audio input

1 way, RCA audio input

Audio output

1 channel, RCA audio output

Audio compression standard

G.711a; G.711Mu

Audio bit rate

8Kbps; 16Kbps

Video parameters Video compression standard

H.264; H.264H; H.264B; MJPEG

Video bit rate

"H.264: 5K ~ 8Mbps MJPEG: 12K ~ 1Mbps"

Video frame rate

"50Hz: main stream (2048 * 1536 @ 25fps), auxiliary stream (D1 @ 25fps) 60Hz: main stream (2048 * 1536 @ 25fps), auxiliary stream (D1 @ 30fps)"

Alarm parameters Alarm input

2 way

Alarm Output

2 way

Alarm linkage

Supports no SD card; insufficient SD card space; SD card error; network disconnection; IP conflict; motion detection; video occlusion

Features Image settings

Brightness; Contrast; Sharpness; Saturation; Gamma

OSD information overlay

Time; passage; geographic location; picture

Image mirroring

stand by

Negative image

stand by

Heartbeat mechanism

stand by

Video mode

"Manual recording; alarm recording; video detection recording; timing recording; recording priority from high to low is manual / alarm / video detection / timing"

Storage function

NAS; FTP; support Micro SD card storage, zui large capacity 128GB

Preview the number of large users



Support one-click restore default


Support IE7; IE8; IE9; IE10; Chrome8 +; Firefox3.5 +; Safari5 + browser

User Management

zui supports 20 users, multi-level user rights management

Safe mode

Authorized username and password; MAC address binding; HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x; Network access control

Ultra-low bitstream

"1080P (1920x1080): 2 ~ 4Mbps 720P (1280 × 720): 1 ~ 2Mbps"

Privacy mask

4 blocks

Corridor pattern

stand by

interface Network Interface

1, 10 / 100M Ethernet port

Network protocol

HTTP; TCP; ARP; RTSP; RTP; UDP; SMTP; FTP; DHCP; DNS; DDNS; PPPOE; IPv4 / v6; QoS; UPnP; NTP; Bonjour; 802.1x; Multicast

Access standard

ONVIF; GB / T28181; CGI

General parameters powered by

DC12V (± 25%) / POE (HDBW3325 does not support POE)

Power consumption

2.0W (typical) 4.9W (largest value)

Operating temperature

-30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Working humidity


Protection class

"IP67; IK10;"

Housing material



Φ122mm × 89mm


Net weight 400g, with packaging weight 540g

Installation method

Wall Mounting; Top Mounting; Hoisting

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