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[Supply] DH-NVR5832-4K-E-Network DVR

DH-NVR5832-4K-E-Network DVR
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Location of the goods: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Updated: 2019-11-28 21:00:09
Validity period: November 28, 2019-May 28, 2020
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Product introduction
DH-NVR5832-4K-E network hard disk video recorder supports mainstream brand network camera access, supports 2 HDMI and 1 VGA, the industry's first to support 4K ultra-clear output, H.265 encoding, let users see "more real", see Be "clearer"; support comprehensive intelligence, reduce user maintenance, save user labor costs, and increase user value.
Detailed introduction

DH-NVR5832-4K-E Network DVR Product Features:

Professional integration, the system adopts embedded Linux system, which is stable and reliable
Supports offline ANR
Support N + M hot standby management, improve system stability, can be configured as a single disk, Raid0, Raid1, Raid5, Raid6, Raid10, Raid50, Raid60, JBOD and other data protection modes

Powerful performance, comprehensive high-definition support massive log storage support mainstream manufacturers IPC access support H.264 and H.265 encoding format mixed access decoding support 4K resolution stream access and decode output, the HD display picture is more clear and delicate
zui supports 32 high-definition network video access, supports 8 SATA interfaces, supports eSATA interface, for video backup, USB3.0 backup speed can reach 20MBps

DH-NVR5832-4K-E network hard disk video recorder intelligent analysis, video detection supports Dahua Smart IPC access, tripwire intrusion, area intrusion, scene change, motion detection, face detection, and leftover items can be alarmed Tip: You can crop the detected face image to realize intelligent rule configuration and intelligent video query

Support fisheye IPC access, local and web preview and playback correction, support slice playback, support smart playback
Supports concentrated playback
Support fisheye correction
Support electronic zoom

DH-NVR5832-4K-E network hard disk video recorder is flexible and expandable, easy to apply, supports dual system backup function, supports instant playback, and the instant playback time is adjustable from 5min to 1h
Support front-end IPC management and remote batch upgrade

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