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[Supply] DH-HCVR7104H-4M-HDCVI DVR

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Product introduction
DH-HCVR7104H-4M HDCVI hard disk video recorder supports smart H.264 encoding, the average encoding efficiency is increased by 50%, the video storage time is longer, the video recording estimation function is supported, and the video storage time or required hard disk space can be automatically calculated to facilitate the construction of the project.
Detailed introduction

Features of DH-HCVR7104H-4M HDCVI DVR :

Support smart H.264 encoding, increase average encoding efficiency by 50%, and save longer recording time
Support HDCVI high-definition camera, ordinary SD analog camera, network camera three signal access, high SD adaptive
Support 4 million (2560 * 1440) real-time encoding in all channels
The device supports 2 IP channels by default. Through analog-to-digital conversion, Zui Da can support 6 IPC accesses, and Zui High supports 500W IPC accesses.
Support coaxial video control function, that is, call the front-end camera menu, PTZ control and program upgrade; support coaxial alarm function, that is, the front-end alarm signal can be transmitted to the host via the coaxial line; support coaxial audio, that is, each audio channel Coaxial transmission to host
Supports simultaneous display of VGA and HDMI; HDMI output supports 4K (3840 * 2160) @ 30 frames; also supports VGA and HDMI heterogeneous output
Support synchronous playback, event playback, tag playback, smart playback (face, motion detection), picture playback, intelligent retrieval (face, motion detection), fast playback, slow playback
Support card number recording, tag recording, alarm recording, motion detection recording, timing recording, smart recording, video lock, etc.
Supports one SATA interface, zui supports 8T hard disk
Support U disk or mobile hard disk backup, back panel supports USB3.0, backup download speed is faster
DH-HCVR7104H-4M HDCVI DVR supports one 1000M network port
Support 1-channel face detection, line mixing intrusion, area intrusion, item care and other intelligent functions; support one-click face interface display
Supports video quality diagnosis of full-channel fringe, noise, color cast, out-of-focus, overexposure, and timely detection of abnormal image problems
Support video estimation function, can automatically calculate video storage time or required hard disk space, convenient for construction
Support video slice playback function, you can divide the video file into 4 equal parts to playback and browse to quickly view an important video file
Support massive log, zui can support storage space of 500,000 logs, record every detail of save operation for a long time
Support Le Orange video cloud access, plug and play, mobile app to view anytime, anywhere
Support image original scale output, more realistic presentation of actual scene
DH-HCVR7104H-4M HDCVI hard disk video recorder supports ONVIF SERVER, GB28181, CGI, ONVIF2.4 standard protocols

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