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[Supply] DH-IPC-HDB5302-High-definition electric zoom riot hemisphere network camera

DH-IPC-HDB5302-High-definition electric zoom anti-riot dome network camera
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Location of the goods: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Updated: 2019-11-28 21:00:09
Validity period: November 28, 2019-May 28, 2020
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Product introduction
DH-IPC-HDB5302 high-definition electric zoom anti-riot dome network camera is suitable for places requiring ultra-high-definition image quality, such as finance, telecommunications, supermarkets, hotels, governments, schools, airports, factories, *, justice, safe cities.
Detailed introduction

Features of DH-IPC-HDB5302 HD Electric Zoom Riot-proof Dome Network Camera :

Support H.264 High profile video compression technology, realize low code stream and high compression ratio, the code stream control is accurate and stable
High-performance 3M (2048 × 1536) CMOS image sensor with high image definition
Support 1 composite video output
Supports high-performance digital wide dynamic functions
Support 1 audio input / output
Support dual stream, ACF (active frame rate control), support hand monitor
Supports dynamic detection and video blocking intelligent alarm function
Support digital watermark encryption to prevent data tampering
Support 1 channel I / O alarm
Supports rich network protocols
Support ONVIF protocol
DH-IPC-HDB5302 high - definition electric zoom anti-riot dome network camera supports national standard 28181
Support Micro SD card storage
Supports automatic iris adjustment
Support ICR filter automatic switching function to achieve day and night monitoring
Support RTC (Real Time Clock) function
IP66 protection level, using three-axis rotating structure, more flexible engineering application
Riot class: IK10
DH-IPC-HDB5302 HD electric zoom vandal -resistant IP camera supports alarms such as no SD card, insufficient SD card space, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, etc.

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