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F Series Judicial DVR (Portable)

F Series Judicial DVR (Portable)
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Product introduction
With local LCD display function and local host support CD playback function to achieve stand-alone portable purposes; with picture-in-picture function; with key mark function during system recording; with environmental temperature and humidity information overlay function with high-quality audio and input and output volume adjustment Features

Support volume level display function, support microphone and headset interface; support 1 ~ 2 discs simultaneous recording generation and multiple recorders for circular recording; have the remaining capacity of the recording disc alarm function and player automatic integration function; meet the technical specifications of the People's Procuratorate And passed the standard test of the Procuratorate; support USB backup.

Core Features: A * Dedicated Full Real-Time Embedded Digital Video Recorder
Technical Parameters


DH-DVR0404F (D)

Main processor

Industrial embedded microcontroller

operating system

Embedded LINUX operating system

system resource

Simultaneous multi-channel recording, simultaneous recording playback, and simultaneous network operation

Operation interface

16-bit true color graphical menu operation interface, support mouse operation, with menu notes

Screen display

1/4 picture display; picture in picture display

Video standard

PAL (625 lines, 50 fields / second), NTSC (525 lines, 60 fields / second)

Monitor image quality

PAL system, D1 (704 × 576)

Playback image quality

PAL system, CIF (352 × 288), D1 (704 × 576)

Image Compression

H.264 limited stream, H.264 variable stream

Image control

6 levels adjustable

Recording speed (CIF)

PAL system: 200fps free combination, NTSC system: 240fps free combination

Image Motion Detection (CIF)

Each screen can set 192 (16 × 12) detection areas; multi-level sensitivity

Audio Compression (CIF)



Supports independent intercom channels

Recording method and priority

Manual> Alarm> Dynamic Detection> Timing

Local playback

1-ch playback, local disc playback

Video query method

Time point search, calendar search, event search, channel search, dot information search

Hard disk space occupied by each channel

Audio: 28.8M bytes / hour + video: 56 ~ 900M bytes / hour

Video save

Local hard drive, network, USB device

Backup method

Network backup, USB backup, IDE burning backup (supports picture-in-picture burning of channels, supports optical drive data dot identification function)

Video input

2/3 / 4- channel composite video (PAL), BNC (1.0VP-P, 75Ω)

Video output

1 composite video (PAL / NTSC), BNC (1.0VP-P, 75Ω), 1 VGA output

Loop-through output


Matrix output


Audio input

2 / 3-channel BNC input, of which 1,2 channels are the same; pickup audio input (passive); MIC audio input (passive); only one of the above three types of inputs

Audio output

1 BNC output; local speaker output; headphone output

Alarm input

4 alarm inputs (active low)

Alarm Output

3 relay outputs, including 1 controllable + 12V

Alarm relay

30VDC 1A, 125VAC 1A (linked output)

Network Interface

RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port

PTZ control interface

1 RS485, 1 RS232

USB interface

2 USB1.1 interfaces

Number of hard disks and interfaces

4 IDE interfaces, can connect 1-2 DVD burners

power supply

220V + 10% 50Hz + 2% / 110V 60Hz

Power consumption (excluding hard disk)


Working temperature

0 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

Use humidity

10% ~ 90%

Atmospheric pressure

86kpa ~ 106kpa


440 (W) x460 (D) x120 (H) mm


6.5 ~ 7.5KG (excluding hard disk)

Installation method



  1. With native LCD display function and local host support disc playback function, to achieve stand-alone portable purposes
  2. With picture-in-picture function
  3. Key mark function during system recording
  4. Ambient temperature and humidity information overlay function
  5. With high-quality audio and input and output volume adjustment function
  6. Support volume level display function, support microphone and headset interface
  7. Supports 1 to 2 discs to be burned simultaneously and multiple burners to burn in cycles
  8. With alarm function of remaining capacity of recording disc and automatic integration function of player
  9. Meet the technical specifications of the People's Procuratorate and pass the standard test of the Procuratorate
  10. Applicable to the simultaneous recording and recording of people's procuratorate interrogation
  11. Support USB backup

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