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ASC Series-National Secret Access Control Card
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  • ASC Series-National Secret Access Control Card

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北京北京市 Location of the goods: Beijing, Beijing
北京 Place of Origin: Beijing
2019-12-05 21:04:54 Updated: 2019-12-05 21:04:54
2019年12月5日--2020年6月5日 Validity Period: December 5, 2019-June 5, 2020
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Product introduction

ASC series national secret access control card integrates the functions of access control and reader, which can support both offline and networked working modes. It is mainly used in application scenarios such as gates and access control.

Detailed introduction

ASC Series State Secret Access Control Card Features :

> Controller and reader
> Supports offline and networking modes. Networking mode supports network ports and RS485 interfaces.
> Support national secret contactless cards (TYPEA, TYPEB, M1), readable ID
> Embedded PSAM security module, support national secret SM1 / SM7 algorithm encryption
> Built-in electronic wallet
> Offline / networking support 3 major functions: rights management, data management, records management
> Support 50,000 black and white lists and 100,000 credit card records
> Built-in voice module, can also expand Bluetooth, Wifi, video, buttons, LCD and other interfaces
> Antenna can be integrated or external

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