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cpu card manufacturer

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  • cpu card manufacturer

  • cpu card manufacturer

  • cpu card manufacturer

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  • CS80-ASC Model CS80-ASC
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Product introduction

State secret cpu cards are preset with a variety of applications based on commonly used CPU card chips. According to customer needs, Huada, Tongfang, Fudan, Datang, NXP and other general-purpose CPU card chips can be selected. Use unified card instructions, eliminating upgrades and compatibility issues. (Cpu card manufacturer)

Detailed introduction

Product Features

> High security CPU card, optional SM1 / 2/3/4, SM7, DES / 3DES, RSA and other encryption algorithms;
> Support IC card application specifications, 3GPP standards, PBOC standards;
> The inter-connected application of the Ministry of Housing and Construction is preset in the card, which can be used for bus cards, city cards, citizen cards, etc .;
> Card pre-configured card access control card application can be used for campus, hospital, smart park, enterprise, military and other card applications;
> Standard card instructions, compatible with Huada, Tongfang, Fudan, Datang, NXP and other cards for easy upgrade and replacement;
> Comply with 7816 / ISO14443 standard, compatible with M1 card; ( cpu card manufacturer )
> Optional 8KB ~ 1MB data space, support picture storage;
> Meet the 100,000 erasing index;
> The data is valid for 10 years;
> Transaction time <350ms
> Card working temperature -25C ~ 70C ( cpu card manufacturer )
> Scope of application: access control, canteens, supermarkets, utilities, public transportation, charging piles, *, cities, campuses, enterprises, etc

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