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Intelligent access control management software

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  • Intelligent access control management software

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  • T7 Model T7
  • 赤松城 Akamatsu
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 北京市 Location Beijing

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Product introduction

Intelligent access control management software is mainly used to manage the user information of the access control system, including user data, keys, cards, devices, etc., which is divided into three parts: the application layer, the driver layer, and the background database.

Detailed introduction

The access control card management software independently developed by CSC, together with our card issuing equipment, can achieve the following functions:

 System management: Establish a database of cells, units and operator accounts  Key management: Administrator key management, authentication / consumption key management, key distribution  Card management: activation, basic information reading and writing, function setting, card issuing / Credit card records, etc.  Equipment management: access control all-in-one, access control reader, card issuer, automatic card issuer, card issuance / swipe record, etc.

 Standardized process management, easy for users to use.  Back-end database encryption to ensure data security, and query all product history.  Key store isolation management, to ensure security, and facilitate users' decentralized management in a specific way. To improve security

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