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CPU card automatic card issuer

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  • CPU card automatic card issuer

  • CPU card automatic card issuer

  • CPU card automatic card issuer

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Product introduction

The ATG1 CPU card automatic card issuing machine is a highly efficient automation device for initializing contact / non-contact IC cards. It is portable and suitable for various CPU card self-service issuing and testing systems.

Detailed introduction

Product Features of ATG1 CPU Card Automatic Card Issuer :

Friendly PC software interface, support for custom scripts, support for synchronous operation of 80 high-speed devices, online debugging, and automatic recording of test results;
Built-in contact / non-contact card reader, support ISO7816, ISO14443 protocol, software set voltage (1.6V ~ 5.5V), software set clock frequency (1.16Mz ~ 36MHz);
Automatic card entry, read / write card, test, card exit, good and bad cards enter different silos;
ATG1 CPU card automatic card issuer can be stacked into the card box design, can add up to 300 (0.76mm);
Support card issuance in encrypted mode --- externally inserted PSAM card;
Automatic alarm for insufficient card loading, unlimited card loading to improve card issuing efficiency;
Real-time detection of internal card residues and discharge to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
Self-protection of equipment error, and alarm prompt;

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