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Chisong City promotes chip reliability test equipment

Read: 436 Release time: 2019/11/25

Chisong City promotes chip reliability testing-Flash / EEPROM devices

This product is a functional test system (FCT), which provides a more versatile human-machine interface and quick and convenient test analysis tool for functional verification and protocol testing in EEPRORM and Flash sample tests.

Product Features:

Ø Script management test case / low-level protocol, no need to learn ARM / FPGA programming;

Ø The test script can be downloaded to the host to realize the offline automatic test and save the test results;

Ø 16 digital channels (customizable), 2 adjustable power supplies, 1 adjustable clock;

Ø Support 4 rows * 4 columns = 16 SPI interfaces for simultaneous testing;

Ø Programmable voltage, 0V ~ 5.5V, accuracy +/- 10mV;

Ø Programmable test clock, high 40MHz;

Ø Programmable test script;

Ø The firmware cache can store 10K commands, supports cyclic commands, and supports continuous download of test scripts;

Ø Firmware contains 512 error storage spaces;

Ø Online debugging;

Ø Independent module design, can support multiple modules to form a system for parallel testing;

Ø FPGA firmware can be upgraded online for different product tests;

Ø USB interface communicates with PC

Ø Daughter board supports -40C ~ 150C high and low temperature test

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