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Akamatsu City launches a series of reliability test solutions

Read: 2690 Release time: 7/27/2018
As the smart card / IoT market grows larger and more cards are issued, quality issues have become an important indicator. How to quickly produce high-quality products has become more and more difficult for everyone.
Based on this, Chisong City (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. launched a series of reliability testing solutions to help customers test product life and reliability by high and low temperature and pressure tests, and find out the product's adaptability to raw materials, structure, process, and environment. Problems such as sexuality are an indispensable link before mass production of products.
Products include:
> QTG20-C: 20-way contact card test equipment
> QTG20-CL: 20-channel non-contact card test equipment
> QTG20-USB: 20-channel UKEY test equipment
> QTG reliability test software
> Reliability test specifications
> High and low temperature box
This series of products mainly solves the problems of high and low temperature and multi-channel simultaneous testing required in reliability testing. It can be used for high and low temperature life test and early failure rate evaluation test. Each set of equipment can realize simultaneous testing of 20 samples with less resource allocation, which greatly improves test efficiency, saves labor costs, and shortens test time.

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