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Integrated ultrasonic detector

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  • Integrated ultrasonic detector
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  • JSPJ1161E Model JSPJ1161E
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  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product introduction

Integrated ultrasonic detector: The establishment of Shenzhen Jieshun Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., based on the Internet payment license, set up a financial electronic account to provide shopping and investment, wealth management, consumer credit, and credit for C-members and B-clients in the scene. Flow and small loans are integrated financial services, forming a closed loop of vehicle flow, information flow and capital flow, and building scene finance with partners to reduce financial risks and improve financial efficiency; in the same year, Shenzhen Shun Yitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established, focusing on Smart parking operation business.

Detailed introduction

Integrated ultrasonic detector

Ultrasound detection is stable and reliable

Simple sci-fi integrated design large angle adjustable high accuracy

The integrated ultrasonic detector is mainly used for underground parking management in hospitals, hotels, scenic areas, commercial supermarkets, office buildings and communities, as well as places where video terminals are not suitable, such as three-dimensional garages and poor lighting, as a supplement to video parking guidance solutions. The integrated ultrasonic detector and parking space indicator are integrated into one. The dual-probe design and dual-channel ultrasonic transmission and reception detection scheme are used to make the detection result more accurate and more stable. There is no requirement for lighting effects in the detection method, which only needs to realize parking spaces. Owner demand for quantity management.

Integrated ultrasonic detector

Minimalist sci-fi

The theme of "Interstellar Exploration" with spacecraft-style smooth lines makes the overall shape fashionable and avant-garde, which means that it has a rich sense of science and technology. It means exploring a convenient and fast route for users in a complex parking environment

integrated design

Display light and detector combined

Dual probe design, more stable detection status

Simplified on-site implementation steps

Simple and convenient equipment installation and commissioning

Improve project delivery speed

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