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120 bus 110 network alarm system

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  • 120 bus 110 network alarm system
  • 120 bus 110 network alarm system
  • 120 bus 110 network alarm system
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price $ 1400
  • SS-8120GP Model SS-8120GP
  • 宜居通 Brand Livable
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product introduction

SS-8120GP is one of the livable communication system 110 networked alarm host system. The bus 110 networked alarm host system adopts a modular design concept, which can support GSM module / CDMA network module, IP network module expansion and upgrade, and flexible networking mode. Multi-network communication guarantee. The main board of the networked alarm host comes with 8 wired defense zones, supports 999 wireless defense zones, can expand 120 bus devices with 485 bus, and can expand 960 bus defense zones with Z, wireless and wired compatible, and the system is compatible with international standards. Andingbao Networking Protocol (Contact ID and 4 + 2)

Detailed introduction

Shenzhen Yiju Technology specializes in the development of 110 networked alarm systems that support IP networks, GSM networks, CDMA networks, and GPRS traffic networking. There are two types of buses, 110 networked alarm hosts and branch 110 networked alarm hosts , which can be customized at high end!

120路总线制110联网报警主机系统 系列之一,该总线网络报警主机系统采用模块化设计,可支持GSM模块/CDMA网络模块、IP网络模块扩展升级,灵活的组网模式,可同时支持固定,GSM拨号,GPRS流量多种方式同时使用,多种联网通讯保障,确保联网通讯正常,该总线三网报警主机主板自带8个有线制分线防区,支持999个无线防区,可485总线扩展120个总线设备,zui大可扩展960个总线制防区,无线有线兼容,系统兼容国际标准安定宝联网协议(Contact ID和4+2),可全球通用。 SS-8120GP is one of the series of 110 networked alarm host systems of the livable 120 bus system . The bus network alarm host system adopts a modular design, which can support GSM module / CDMA network module, IP network module expansion and upgrade, and flexible networking. Mode, which can simultaneously support fixed, GSM dial-up, GPRS traffic in multiple ways, and multiple network communication guarantees to ensure normal network communication. The bus three-network alarm host board comes with 8 wired partition zones and supports 999 wireless Defense zone, 485 bus can be extended to 120 bus devices, zui can be extended to 960 bus defense zones, wireless and wired compatible, the system is compatible with the international standard security Bao networking protocol (Contact ID and 4 + 2), can be used worldwide. The system can be set to realize regular arming and disarming functions. It has power failure alarm and self-checking prompts for zone faults. It can be connected to various detectors, such as door magnetic detectors, infrared detectors, laser beam detectors, and gas detectors. Device, electronic fence host, etc., can upload alarm signals to the 110 network alarm receiving platform of the security service company through fixed, GSM, IP network, GPRS traffic. The system is compatible with the international standard Anbao network protocol (Contact ID and 4 + 2). Can be used globally.

  • 采用zui新的32位ARM处理器嵌入式设计, 具有运行速度快、防区扩展容量大、扩充灵活、稳定性更好、安全性更高等优点。 120-channel bus 110 networked alarm host system adopts zui's new 32-bit ARM processor embedded design, which has the advantages of fast running speed, large defense area expansion capacity, flexible expansion, better stability, higher security and so on.
  • Two 485 bus communication interfaces, one of which is used for external alarm host control keyboard, linkage module and other equipment; the other is 485 bus communication interface for external zone address module, up to 120 can be connected externally Zone address module equipment, keyboard bus communication interface, and more can be connected to 32 alarm host control keyboard.
  • A variety of programmable intelligent linkages to implement functions such as electronic maps, DVR alarm input, local alarm, etc. Each zone supports up to 3 linkage outputs, supports alarm linkage, arming and disarming linkage, and abnormal linkage.
  • Application modes such as perimeter prevention, emergency help alarm, hotel check-out service, and fire alarm are optional, which can realize rapid configuration of the system.
  • Real-time print function, real-time print function for alarm and all operations.
  • 1 485 bus communication interface, can transmit 1.2km without adding any repeater, if it exceeds 1.2km, you can also add 485 repeater for 485 signal amplification and extension. Zui can add 6 more 485 repeater, each additional one can extend the 485 bus signal by more than 1.2km, which can well meet the networking application requirements of large alarm projects.
  • Maintenance-free intelligent charging technology, the alarm host can intelligently charge lead storage batteries, monitor the battery in real time, overcharge, overdischarge, and PWM charging control to ensure maximum battery life.
  • 自带 1路800mA辅助电源输出;带1个电源警号接口,zui大可提供800mA电流辅助输出;所有输出均提供了电子保险丝,实现过流保护。 120-channel bus 110 networked alarm host system comes with one 800mA auxiliary power output; with one power alarm port, zui can provide 800mA current auxiliary output; all outputs are provided with electronic fuses to achieve overcurrent protection. It is convenient for the user host to get electricity nearby.
  • Disarm / arm by keyboard password, remote control, central computer
  • Not only can it be connected to various infrared detectors, smoke detectors and other equipment, but it can also be connected directly to 485 live-pulse electronic fence host devices directly.
  • Can be connected to the alarm center through the Contact ID protocol through the line to realize the network alarm function and notify the user
  • 的所有防区名称都可以通过电脑软件修改,防区名称可个性化自定义和显示,人性化设计,使用更方便、操作更简单。 All the zone names of the 120-channel bus 110 networked alarm host system can be modified by computer software. The zone names can be customized and displayed individually. The user-friendly design makes it easier to use and easier to operate.
  • The host has 32 subsystems; each subsystem is equivalent to an independent alarm control host. Each subsystem can be independently armed / disarmed through the control keyboard, which is convenient for users to allocate and control partitions.
  • 1500 history records, 1500 operation records. All operations are stored in real time for easy query.
  • The main board of the alarm host comes with eight wired sub-zones. The detectors near the main unit can directly connect to these zones, without the need to add expansion modules. If not, you can close the eight main defense zones of the main board of the alarm by programming. Yes, flexible and practical.
  • With a real-time clock function, the time will run normally after power failure to ensure the time accuracy of the network alarm.
  • Easy to install, debug, use and maintain.
  • Each subsystem has 2 automatic arming and disarming worksheets, a total of 240 automatic arming and disarming worksheets; 60 time-driven tables, each group of time-driven tables can be set to execute 3 more events (zone arming / disarming, zone bypass / (Recovery, output closing / opening), can be unattended, and realize intelligent automatic arming.
  • 权限,可以实现按系统、子系统、设备、防区独立控制,满足各种控制要求。 60 sets of passwords and 12 levels of password permissions, which can achieve independent control according to system, subsystem, equipment, and zone, and meet various control requirements.

Eight core advantages:

120路总线制110联网报警主机系统 运行速度快(采用 32位ARM处理器,其他厂家的大部分采用8位ARM处理器。) 1, 120-bus system 110 networked alarm host system runs fast (using 32-bit ARM processor, most other manufacturers use 8-bit ARM processor.)

2. Good stability to prevent crashes (with automatic bypass and fault detection prompt function, most other manufacturers do not support.)

3, a variety of intelligent linkage functions (can alarm linkage LED display, lighting, siren, printer and other equipment)

4. It can be connected with 32 alarm control keyboards, and each keyboard can be controlled independently (most other manufacturers only support 8 control keyboards)

5. Support the use of optical fiber networking (most other manufacturers do not support)

6, support partition control and management (zui supports more than 32 partitions, most other manufacturers do not support)

7. Support regular arming / disarming and automatic weathering. (Most other manufacturers do not support)

8. Support 485 extension and connect 120 sets of dual-zone electronic fence hosts, and support networking use. (Most other manufacturers do not support 110 network alarm function)

The above information is provided by the enterprise itself, and the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information content is the responsibility of the relevant enterprise. Security Exhibition Network does not assume any responsibility for this.
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