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Network alarm host GPRS network alarm host

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  • Network alarm host GPRS network alarm host
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  • AS-9000GPRS Model AS-9000GPRS
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Product introduction

Anti-theft alarm host GPRS network alarm host AS-9000GPRS, 1, Chinese LCD operation keyboard, menu-style programming, human-computer interaction interface, query host status, alarm information displayed in full Chinese; 2, five kinds of arming / disarming methods: keyboard arming / disarming , Voice arming / disarming, SMS arming / disarming, remote control arming / disarming, software arming / disarming, mobile phone arming / disarming; 3, arming / disarming voice prompts, voice announcements of alarm messages, automatic bypass of abnormal zones during arming and voice announcements ; The host comes with a test program, the site can diagnose where the fault

Detailed introduction

Anti-theft alarm host GPRS network alarm host AS-9000GPRS

Stable and reliable:

1. Fully-automatic short-circuit protection: In the case of a short-circuit such as the host's 12V power output port and siren interface, the host automatically protects it without damaging the host;

2, battery fool-proof design, positive and negative plug anti-host automatic protection; battery low voltage over-discharge protection; battery failure protection (such as the charging curve will limit the charging current);

3. The zone interface circuit adopts anti-surge design and is resistant to 4KV surge impact;

4. The host's chassis is tamper-proof for 24 hours, the wire is cut-proof, and short-circuit-proof. When the alarm occurs, the host automatically grabs the wire and alarms, AC power failure alarm, battery loss, low voltage alarm.

      Anti-theft alarm host GPRS network alarm host AS-9000GPRS

Main technical performance indicators

Power supply: AC220V + 10% Static current consumption: ≤150mA

Alarm output: ≤1000mA, 12V Output voltage: DC12V ~ 15V

Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHZ Ambient temperature: -10 to 55 ° C

Ambient humidity: 40 to 70% Chassis appearance dimensions: length 27CM * width 26CM * height 8CM

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