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Main Products: Networked Alarm Host, Infrared Detector, Gas Detector, Vibration Detector, Bus Alarm Host; Bosch Alarm; Perimeter Alarm; Networked Alarm; Infrared Radio; Honeywell Alarm Host
Shenzhen Shunanju Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of anti-theft alarm products. The company has independent intellectual property rights and can be customized according to customer requirements to provide secondary development! In recent years, the company has developed a number of intelligent anti-theft products with high scientific and technological content, excellent performance, and adapting to market needs. It has continued to innovate and promote rapid technological upgrades. Product updates have always stood at the forefront of Z in the security field. Business philosophy: Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the "quality first, reputation first" business philosophy, adhere to the "market-oriented, technology-based, quality-based, marketing-leading" principle. With the tenet of "stabilize customers with high quality, attract customers with reasonable prices, and win customers with good service", relying on superb technical advantages, advanced production equipment, relying on the production advantages of the Pearl River Delta electronic distribution center, to build an international level Security product manufacturers work hard! Corporate culture: the company is based on "ethics-based, to be able to set posts ... More >>

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Shun An Ju-campus voice intercom emergency alarm application program

2068 2019/9/10 2068
Shun An Ju-campus voice intercom emergency alarm application program

The fall semester of 2019 has just begun, and the 70th anniversary of the National Day is imminent. Enshi City, Hubei Province, a case of serious injuries to students, causing many student injuries and deaths, is very sad. The criminal suspect was arrested on the spot by Enshi police fang. Previously, due to emotional problems, he stabbed his girlfriend more than 40 times and involved intentional killing.

Campus safety has always been the focus of attention from all sectors of society and the general public. In recent years, campus fights, knife injuries, and other incidents have been banned and even intensified. Both intruders and internal brawls have seriously threatened campus teachers and students Personal and property safety. To this end, countries and places
Relying on modern communication network and computer technology, the advanced electronic technology and electronic sensors and equipment are used to achieve the electronic system of automatic anti-theft alarm function. The system networking is mainly the communication between the control host and the alarm host through the modern electric hua network and TCP / IP, GPRS network.
"Explosion-proof products" is a kind of anti-theft alarm equipment. Generally, conventional alarm products are suitable for environments where the danger in life is not very large, but for some explosive gas environments and flammable and explosive places, such as petroleum, chemical , Coal and scientific research, military and other countries

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