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CPW-122Y Kindergarten credit card gate See similar products >>
Kindergarten credit card gate
price $ 100000
  • CPW-122Y Model CPW-122Y
  • 北京西莫罗 Beijing Simoro
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 北京市 Beijing

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When you contact us, please indicate that it is the information you see on the security exhibition website. Thank you!

【a brief introdction】
Kindergarten credit card locks are helpful for campus security management: the convenience of pick-up and drop-off management of children greatly improves the safety of pick-up and drop-off of children; the speed and efficiency of check-in and pick-up of children at school are significantly improved; and the awareness of kindergartens is improved.
【Detailed description】

The name of the kindergarten credit card gate is the gate access system for kindergartens. It installs one-way or two-way single-channel or dual-channel gates according to the specific requirements of different kindergartens. It also combines the access control system and the shuttle system to meet different requirements. Kindergarten personality needs.

Kindergarten gate case: Beijing May 1 Kindergarten

Gate manufacturer: Beijing Simoro

Barrier-free gates

Kindergarten credit card gate basic functions:

1, with fault self-test and alarm prompt function, easy for administrators to maintain and use;

2.Anti-pinch anti-trailing function

3.Has anti-collision function

4.Automatic door opening and closing

5, with automatic reset function

6.Transfer management

7, support brush cartoon line

8.Customizable snapshot function

9, can complete the kindergarten credit card detailed report and attendance statistics report

The installation of credit card gates is helpful for campus security management: the management of pick-up and drop-off of children, greatly improving the safety of pick-up and delivery of children;

Online statistics: It is possible to record the arrival and departure time of children in detail, which is convenient for schools to inquire, settle, and count their personal data;

Improve work efficiency: make children's school sign-in and pick-up and drop-off speed significantly improved;

Improve the visibility of the management level: install gates, improve the image, and make it a new bright spot for kindergartens to participate in peer competition.

Simoro (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. for short Beijing Simoro, mainly focuses on high-end speed pass gates (walkway gates), complete product line, including three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, translation gates, rotation Various intelligent access gates, such as gates, provide effective gate solutions for office buildings, government agencies, factories, communities, scenic spots, exhibition halls, schools and other occasions, and create installed, efficient and intelligent pedestrian access management for users.

Gate (speed pass door) features: high innovation, good performance, fast response, simple operation, comfortable traffic.

Hot-selling gate products: Face recognition gates, QR code gates, witness verification gates, real-name gates, etc.

Specializing in brakes, precision manufacturing

Beijing West Morrow focuses on intelligent walkway gates. Since its inception, it has specialized in one product-gates (speed gates). We adhere to the attitude of "doing hard work rather than speculation, dreams than utilitarianism", do not have the tendency to "rough manufacturing", abide by the concept of "manufactured manufacturing", make products solidly, pass safety into every detail, and manufacture in the industry Top quality gate products.

Independent research and development of brakes, advanced core technology

Beijing Simoro is a national high-tech enterprise with a highly professional integrated research and development team. We are completely independent in research and development, always insist on innovation, and invest 100% of our energy on smart channel gates. This dedicated force allows us to have advanced design and innovation capabilities worldwide, and the core technology of gates (speed gates) has reached the world advanced level.

Established a gate laboratory for in-depth research and fruitful technical results

In order to continuously improve product quality and maintain advanced creativity, we have set up an advanced professional gate laboratory in the industry to deeply study the mysteries of materials, mechanical structure, design, logic algorithms, etc., and continue to challenge and overcome difficult technologies. In the field of gates, we have obtained a number of key gate (speed gate) core technologies, filling a variety of difficult technical gaps in the industry.

Strong gate customization capabilities, flexible and fast response

Based on in-depth research and development of the gate system, Beijing Simoro has strong customization capabilities, from modifying the gate card board, increasing the gate channel width, modifying the case size, embedding other equipment, integrating other systems to new models. Development can be achieved. No matter the customer's product customization requirements are simple or complex, we can quickly and flexibly develop gate solutions suitable for different occasions, and solve customers' gate (speed gate) application problems.

Good user reputation and strong production capacity

Gate manufacturer-Beijing Simoro has a good reputation and reputation among customers. We have a gate passage production base of more than 10,000 square meters, with advanced production equipment, strong production capacity, and can quickly deliver products on time. At present, our high-end gate products have been widely used in such fields as subway and high-speed rail, commercial office buildings, high-end communities, energy factories, customs, airports, bus stations, BRT, tourist attractions, large factories and other fields. Supported by the industry's full hardware capabilities, including five major systems: video live broadcast system, large screen security attendance system, intelligent broadcast system, school bus security system, smart gate system, etc. The five major systems coordinate work in the micro-viewing platform To escort the safety of kindergartens and babies.

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