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CPW-121Y entrance and exit wing gate customization See similar products >>
Entrance and exit wing gate customization
price $ 100000
  • CPW-121Y Model CPW-121Y
  • 北京西莫罗 Beijing Simoro
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 北京市 Beijing

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【a brief introdction】
The entrance and exit wing gate customization mainly refers to the customization of the appearance and gate functions, and is a rational and professional design based on the specific project requirements.
【Detailed description】

The customization of the entrance and exit wing gates mainly refers to the customization of the appearance and gate functions, and is a rational and professional design based on the needs of specific projects. It is a bridge-type luxurious wing gate, which is mainly used in indoor situations. It is mainly a pedestrian channel management product that combines mechanical and electronic control to achieve visitor management and personnel attendance management. As a high-end swing gate, it is a commonly used access control gate device.

Wing gate manufacturer: Beijing Simoro, with professional R & D team, perfect after-sales service system, providing customization of wing gate appearance and internal functions

1. Custom wing gate material: stainless steel and acrylic, plexiglass or fire-resistant PU material

The hardware structure is mainly composed of a chassis, a circuit control system, and a face recognition system.

Custom classification of entrance and exit wing gates

Wing gates are divided into hard wing gates and soft wing gates according to the material of the wing gates. According to different movements, they are divided into single-core gates and double-core gates. Wing brake, commonly used models CPW331CPW33TBS, etc.

Working principle of entrance and exit wing gates

After the wing brake is powered on, it is reset to work. According to the directions on both sides of the wing gate, personnel swipe the card reader, or the face recognition machine collects the human face, and when the card reader receives the swipe signal, or the system successfully compares the face, the signal is transmitted to the main controller. . The main controller receives the legal card swipe signal and the infrared radiation signal, and transmits the control signal to the direction display circuit and the motor control circuit through the drive control circuit, so that the middle direction display turns into a green direction indicator, and the motor detects that When the signal is in place, personnel can pass smoothly.

Fourth, the entrance and exit wing gate customization

1. The authentication methods are diversified. The system can use fingerprints, passwords, credit cards, face recognition, etc. to realize the opening of the gate, and the access to the gate is more convenient.

2. Large storage space. It can store 5,000 fingerprints and 50,000 attendance records.

3. Can run offline. The system can still be used when there is no network, and the opening information and attendance data are automatically stored. No data is lost even if the power is turned off.

4. Powerful attendance function. Including all the functions of time and attendance products on the market.

5, detailed to the report function. The punch-in / out data and attendance data can be customized to generate reports for easier management.

6. In the environment where the network cable is not convenient, you can use the U disk to copy all the punch-in information and attendance data.

Fifth, the tyrant gold design and retro blue-and-white porcelain design of the wing gate of the Simoro in Beijing can be matched with the decoration style of high-end office buildings to improve the image of the entire office building. At the same time, the application of biometrics such as fingerprints and face recognition makes fingerprints Brakes, face recognition wing brakes become popular products

With the development of face recognition technology, the gate industry has opened up new markets. As a gate maker, Beijing Simoro wants to grow with everyone and explore where the application of facial recognition gates is more suitable in the new development situation. Share installation experience and knowledge about gates.

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