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Surprise at the end of the year

2019/12/17 Reading (1792)

On the road of gate exploration, Simoros never stopped technological innovation. Near the end of 2019, the Simoros Gate Lab has made another major technological breakthrough, and developed a 1.8-meter ultra-high pendulum with smooth and stable operation. The brake CPW-135Y adds a lot to the 2019 picture scroll.
Among the types of gates that are used daily, the usage rate of bridge swing gates is very high, but the swing gates have a disadvantage that can cause headaches and can be passed from the door swing. Translational gates cannot be crossed, but the price is more than double that of swing gates. Is there a gate that can not be crossed, and the price is relatively cheap? This is what our customers have always expected of us. Finally, at the end of 2019, we delivered satisfactory answers to our customers.
Super high intelligent swing gate CPW-135Y
Smart swing gate
1.8m ultra-high swing gate CPW-135Y, bringing super high value to customers
Sweep gates are eliminated, and the security level is greatly improved. Swing gates are used to replace translational gates, reducing procurement costs. Relative to translational gates, the swinging gate body is thinner and covers a smaller area.
The smart swing gate is more beautiful than the translation gate, and it can improve the grade of the occasion.
The ultra-high swing gate CPW-135Y has a door swing height of 1.8 meters above the ground, and pedestrians cannot cross the door swing to fully meet high security requirements. The conventional swing height of the conventional swing gate CPW-120Y is 0.83 meters above the ground. Pedestrians can easily pass over the swing.
Super high swing gate
The ultra-high swing gate CPW-135Y and the parallel shift gate CPW-331EGS also have the characteristics of high swing. Compared with the “body type”, the swing gate is “thin” and the translation gate is “fat”. As far as the space is concerned, the swing gate is more friendly. , Stronger applicability. The price of the ultra-high swing gate is much cheaper than the translation gate, which can save customers a lot of costs. Low cost & high security, CPW-135Y is perfectly realized.
What are the difficulties in the development of the 1.8-meter ultra-high swing gate?
Under the same conditions, compared with the conventional intelligent bridge swing gate, the 1.8-meter ultra-high swing gate is more than 2.5 times the volume of the latter, then the movement load of the former is more than 2.5 times of the latter. The load of the movement is large. If the conventional mechanical structure and drive control are used, the 1.8-meter door swing will cause serious jitter during operation, and it will easily cause mechanical wear and tear, and large decibel noise will cause the swing brake to be more prone to failure.
How Simouro breaks through these difficulties
To solve the above difficulties, we mainly start from the two aspects of mechanical structure optimization and drive control optimization. After half a year of repeated research and testing, we successfully solved the problem of 1.8m door swing running jitter and excessive load on the movement, and achieved the use of stable operation, anti-shake and low noise, which ensured the stability and long-term of the swing gate. Service life, and provides a good user experience.
1.8m ultra-high swing gate, what is the actual use effect? Please refer to Beijing Simoro brake case.
Based on the "unable to cross" feature, the 1.8-meter ultra-high swing gate is very suitable for indoor situations with very high security requirements, such as confidential office areas of government agencies, VIP areas of financial institutions, special areas of enterprises, scientific research bases, and military bases .
With Simoro's 1.8-meter ultra-high swing gate, customers only need to spend half the price of the translation gate to achieve high security requirements for anti-crossing. At the same time, a more beautiful shape can better add color to the occasion.
More importantly, Simoro's 1.8-meter ultra-high swing gate is a historic and significant progress in the gate industry. It has both the advantages of a swing gate and a shift gate. Its product value far exceeds the translation gate. It has the potential and strength to replace the category of translational brakes.

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