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Face recognition gates you don't know! Here will tell you

2019/12/4 Reading (1308)

Product Positioning of Simoro's Facial Recognition Gate: Professional and Advanced
Image positioning: an international brand that only makes entrance management
Market positioning: only competing with European brands
Development Orientation: Establishing Brands and Promoting National Wisdom
The advantages of the gate brand Simolo are mainly reflected in:
1. In the access control industry, Simoro has strong R & D capabilities in China.
2.The professionalism of the gate brand is reflected in the larger domestic manufacturers of single gate products.
3.Superb craftsmanship is reflected in the more stringent manufacturing environment and advanced manufacturing technology of Simoro.
Face recognition gate connection solution system composition: over ten million trouble-free use of indoor and outdoor high-end intelligent swing gates, wing gates, three-roller gates and other gate products; industrial-level face recognition terminals with deep learning algorithms; intelligent integration For face recognition and existing access control equipment, a micro-farming access control platform is used to interface with the time and attendance system, so that the access control database is written into the intermediate table, and the time and attendance database is read from the intermediate table.
Face recognition gate solution system topology diagram:
Topology diagram of channel attendance system
Face recognition gate solution business flow chart: # FormatImgID_1 #
Basic parameters of face recognition gate:
Type: Three-roller gate, swing gate, wing gate, etc.
Detection module: 10 pairs
Motor and reducer: imported from Germany
Control method: using high-performance DSP control technology
Opening and closing rate: 0.3s
Drive motor: DC brushless motor
Cabinet material: 304 stainless steel
Box size: 1600 * 200 * 990mm
Number of trouble-free use: 10 million times
8-inch IPS full-view LCD display
Recognition accuracy up to 99.99%
Recognition speed is less than 0.5s
Ten Thousand Faces Photo Gallery
Card capacity 50,000
Support anti-backlight
2 million pixel HD wide dynamic binocular camera, supporting live detection
Face or card number comparison results with voice and text prompts
Pedestrian gate safety concept reflects:
Power-off and opening function: mechanical unlocking when power-off, linkage with fire protection
Multiple anti-pinching functions: infrared anti-pinching, mechanical anti-pinching, software anti-pinching
Anti-collision function: collision force within safety range, automatic reset
Support multiple security requirements: anti-illegal intrusion, anti-reverse intrusion, anti-reverse traffic, anti-trailing
Face recognition gate application case:
Face recognition gate case

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