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New face recognition gate on Vanke's Chengdu Midwest office building

2019/11/20 Reading (367)

Vanke's new face recognition gate on the central and western office building in Chengdu is beautiful in appearance and fast in passing speed. The "brushing of the face" is over, which frees hands and allows you to pass without feeling, improving office management efficiency. Beijing Simoro provided the gate installation solution.
Facial recognition swing gate installation location: elevator hall
Face recognition gate
Gate access installation scheme: Three sets of access gates and two sets of access gates are installed at the entrances of different elevator halls
Face recognition swing gate features:
1.Combining professional industry gate design with advanced face recognition technology to create more advanced and stable gate products
2. It adopts the industry's advanced deep learning algorithm. The combination of the operator and the chip is deep, and the algorithm is chipped, which greatly improves the computing power of the chip, and the recognition speed is faster, more accurate, and more stable.
3.Improved counterfeiting
4. Available offline and online
5.Voice prompts are more user-friendly
6. Blacklist early warning and automatic whitelist identification, effectively preventing illegal intrusion.
7, increase the value of advertising playback
8.Real-time data query
9, support access control, visitors, large screen display, welcome and other systems compatible, higher performance
The above is the case introduction of new face recognition gates used in Vanke's central and western office buildings in Chengdu. For more selection, please refer to a variety of gate products such as bridge swing gates, cylindrical swing gates, three roller gates, wing gates, and translation gates.

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