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Scene gates-Simoro airport gate features

2019/10/21 Reading (1053)

Simoro started in 2007. The world's top five gate brands, gates, are completely independently researched and developed, with new core technologies and many core technologies. They are national high-tech enterprises. We are committed to providing customers with customized services for scene gates. We have served more than 20 airports and have a good reputation and reputation among customers, such as Ningbo Airport, Baotou Airport, Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Kunming Airport, and Quanzhou Airport. ...
Airport gate passage
Shimoro Airport Gate Features
1.10 million trouble-free operations
2. Safety: Infrared, current, and mechanical triple anti-pinching technology to ensure the personal safety of passengers entering and leaving
3. Modular design: Easy and fast docking of embedded software
4, high value: according to the use of different scenarios, design different styles of different types of airport gates
5, strong compatibility: compatible with different vendors and different brands of ticket inspection system, verification, ticket inspection fast
6.Advanced core technology industry
7. Unique design scheme: According to different user usage and different scenarios such as self-service check-in, self-service customs clearance, VIP hall VIP passage, etc., a unique management scheme is designed for free to adapt to a variety of postures to support the passage of small luggage.
Simoro tailored to local conditions, designing comprehensive ticket management gates, VIP channel gates, internal employee gates and other different channel management solutions. Improve verification efficiency, speed of passage, and ensure verification passage identification, give passengers a good travel experience, reduce staff workload, and help build smart airports.

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