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How to choose smart gates for smart building construction?

7/17/2019 Read (1794)

What is a smart gate? It is what we usually call a speed gate. Now its application is accompanied by the rapid development of technology applications, especially the development of facial recognition technology. Facial recognition is very popular in daily life. More and more cities Use the facial recognition gates, so you do n’t need to brush your face.
Commercial office buildings, train stations, and passenger stations all use facial recognition gates, so how much do you know about this kind of smart gates?
How to choose the smart gate that belongs to you?
Beijing Simoroneng High-tech has been working for 15 years to answer your questions.
1. See if the smart gate is compatible with the face detection function. Specifically, it means to distinguish whether the current staff is a real-life version.
Imperfect face recognition systems are likely to be concealed by common methods such as obscuration of photos and pictures and display of the display.
Face detection uses the hardware and software of facial recognition gates to improve the effectiveness of resisting photos and other methods.
2. Can smart gates distinguish complicated scenarios?
If the intelligent road gate is used outdoors, it is likely to face strong light, dark light, and the basic characteristics of the backlight at night. In order to face the complicated road mirror, the facial recognition road gate must be able to meet environmental problems and staff changes And other situations, and can detect face parts with multiple angles of the basic features of the face and sides.
Only this type can fully consider the requirements of the access control system and increase the driving speed
3. Some of the bad manufacturers' qualification certificates are unscrupulous. They use cheap to attract consumers. Therefore, people cannot find them. The important point to choose when choosing a manufacturer is the after-sales maintenance point and the visibility of large enterprises.
Different face graphics are obtained by using camera lens data collection, such as dynamic picture graphics, dynamic picture graphics, different parts, different expression pictures, etc. When the data collection object picture is within the video shooting range of the special equipment During the time, the data acquisition special equipment will automatically find and video capture facial graphics. Facial recognition gate products are diverse, so you need to choose a brand manufacturer.
Facial recognition gates

From the integration of the appearance and function system to the customization of the entire gate equipment, it can meet the diversified needs of users. Professional and technical gate manufacturers are worthy of attention.

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