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Hospital access gate management

6/27/2019 Read (2308)

In recent years, with the development of smart cities and the Internet of Things, smart buildings, smart scenic spots, smart communities, and smart medical care are also being gradually implemented. In particular, in accordance with the spirit of the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Smart Cities" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, it is required to "build a batch of green, harmonious and sustainable smart cities by 2020". As an important part of this, smart healthcare is also intensifying In the construction, especially for security management, a series of card products such as access control and gates are being launched.
Supplier of access control gate: Simoro (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Supply products: various access control products, monitoring, visitor systems, pedestrian access gates, etc.
Hospital gate
Various equipment for effective entrance and exit management of hospital outpatient areas and office buildings
(1) Access management in the consultation room and emergency area: Install access control equipment to prevent casual staff from entering at will to protect the privacy of the visiting staff, and improve such as VIP ward, operating room, intensive care unit, rescue room, laboratory, research room Security protection in important areas.
(2) Operating room installation access control: For important areas, installing access control allows only authorized personnel to enter, which can effectively ensure a clean medical environment in the operating room.
(3) Installation of access control for material warehouses: To manage the safety of pharmacies, warehouses and other areas, an effective method is to install access control gates to prevent drug control and unnecessary loss, and play a role in security management. Recognition methods such as credit card, face or fingerprint.
(4) Because important medical equipment areas are managed by a person and reasonably controlled, it is also necessary to install access control to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering, causing unnecessary losses and equipment damage.
(5) The hospital computer room is the most important area of the hospital, and it is necessary to install the sidewalk gate to ensure the safety management of the hospital.
Hospital access control gate selection: three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, translation gates and other commonly used access control management equipment.

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