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Scenic ticketing system amusement park electronic ticket management channel system

Scenic ticket sales system Amusement park electronic ticket management channel system
price $ 29800
  • TDZ Model TDZ
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  • 深圳市 Location Shenzhen

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Product introduction
Scenic ticket sales system Amusement park electronic ticket management channel system The intelligent electronic ticket system developed by the company is developed based on the accumulation of hundreds of actual project development and implementation experience, and has been continuously improved during the actual project application process. At present It can completely cover more than 90% of the business needs of the ticket project. In the system design process, the software architecture is fully considered, and the software architecture is combined with the enterprise business architecture, and the design principles and modular architecture rules of the development language are flexibly used to make the system functions available for release. Flexible, simple to use, easy to maintain, and highly efficient.

Scenic ticketing system amusement park electronic ticket management channel system

With the rapid development of the market economy and the leapfrogging of the material level, along with the remarkable achievements of our country's economy, the living standards of our people are also constantly improving, and the material and cultural needs are extremely rich. 娱乐业 餐饮业作为热门行业都有了飞速发展。 People ’s lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes and higher quality of life is required. The related tourism , entertainment , and catering industries have developed rapidly as popular industries. 2010年餐饮业的总产值是1997年的8.6倍;所占GDP比重从1997年的3.25%到2010年的5.28% It is estimated that by 2015, the added value of the tourism industry will increase to 4.5% of the national GDP, and the proportion of the added value of the service industry will reach 12%. The positive role of the tourism industry in maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, adjusting the structure and promoting employment will be It is more and more obvious ; the total output value of the catering industry in 2010 was 8.6 times that of 1997; the proportion of GDP was from 3.25% in 1997 to 5.28% in 2010 .

The rapid development of today's economic construction is inseparable from the continuous progress of science and technology, which has provided tremendous productivity to all walks of life. 信息化 、网络化、移动化等技术成为当下各行业提高企业管理能力和综合竞争力的必经之路。 Intelligent , information , network, and mobile technologies have become the only way for industries to improve their management capabilities and overall competitiveness.

  Scenic ticket sales system Amusement park electronic ticket management channel system Intelligent electronic ticket management system has been widely used as a smart management and enterprise information selection solution for travel scenic spots, amusement parks, venues, buffet restaurants and other industries, and has achieved It has a very good effect. It proposes solutions for a series of problems such as access control loopholes and ticket accounting existing in manual management of enterprises, and helps companies develop many products that were previously impossible to achieve such as self-service consumption, eliminating manual operation errors. probability. The intelligent electronic ticket management system is an indispensable way for informatization in travel scenic areas, amusement parks, venues, and self-catering restaurants, etc., and is a requirement imposed on enterprises by today's information society.

  Scenic ticketing system amusement park electronic ticket management channel system A 方案、线上线下方案为一体的智能化管理系统。 Driven by the continuous development of information technology, the current intelligent electronic ticket management system is no longer a single ticket inspection and ticket management system, but a collection of smart card engineering, information security engineering, software engineering, network engineering, mechanical engineering, and mobile applications. , B2C solution, OT A solution, online and offline solution as an integrated intelligent management system. It includes modules and functions such as ticket production, background management, membership management, ticket verification, equipment monitoring, travel agency management and travel agency ticket purchase, online ticket purchase and so on. Linux 操作系统平台下为用户提供了一个集中管理、全面控制的集成管理系统。 Provides a centralized management and comprehensive control integrated management system for users under Windows and Linux operating system platforms. With the advancement of technology, the software and hardware systems are continuously upgraded to continuously meet the changing market needs of users.


  • Tourist attractions:

At present, scenic spots that use manual sales for inspection tickets may have problems such as counterfeit tickets, expired tickets, invalid tickets, private receipts by ticket inspectors, tourists' use of management loopholes mixed into scenic spots, and inadequate ticket financial management leading to the loss of national taxes.

The intelligent electronic ticket management system can strictly control the entrance and exit of the park, fully integrate ticket sales and ticket inspection, ensure that tickets must be sold through the system to be valid, and tickets that are legal and valid can be used through the gates of the channel; and networked through the system , Real-time understanding of the number of tickets sold and the number of people sold through the various gates in each window, each park and each channel. Ensure that the park management center can understand the operation of the scenic spot in real time, so that financial statistics and accounting are truly paperless and one-click.

Real-time grasp of the number of tourists in the park, effective management of travel agency booking groups, to avoid tourist congestion, and reasonable allocation of resources. The use of fingerprints, photos, face recognition and other technology applications can effectively prevent multiple admissions, ticket sales, non-personal use of long-term tickets, etc., and truly ensure that tickets are free of loopholes, and enter the park efficiently and quickly.

  • amusement park:

智能电子门票管理系统,很多存在无法及时统计园区人数以便控制入园人数,多个项目需要分别排队购票或排队检票时间过长造成游客拥堵的情况。 The characteristic of the amusement park is that there are many tourists in the park, and different projects in the park have different charges. If there is no consumer-type intelligent electronic ticket management system, many people cannot be counted in time to control the number of people in the park. Multiple projects need to be queued separately. Tourists are congested due to too long time to buy tickets or queue up for check-in.

消费型的 智能电子门票管理系统,可以使用智能加密IC储值卡,游客无需多次买票,使用后退还IC储值卡的剩余金额即可。 With the application of a consumer-type intelligent electronic ticket management system, smart encrypted IC stored-value cards can be used, and tourists do not need to buy tickets multiple times, and the remaining amount of the IC stored-value cards can be returned after use. Reduce the time for ticket purchase and queue check-in, increase the flow of people in the park, increase the income of the park, and facilitate management.

  • Venue:

The use of an intelligent electronic ticket management system can avoid the situation where traditional venues can't recognize the authenticity of counterfeit tickets by manual inspection of tickets, reducing the workload of ticket inspectors, and allowing customers to choose seats at corresponding locations, which greatly meets customer needs and improves Service quality; and through real-time query, you can know the ticket sales in time.

  • Buffet dining ticket system:

The feature of self-service catering is that customers can pay for a fixed amount after entering the restaurant, and have special requirements on access control and membership management. In the buffet mode that requires a designated seat, when you enter the restaurant, you need to specify a seat, and at the service desk, use the buffet ticket system to grasp the information that the corresponding customer leaves the restaurant through the gate passage, and set the seat to be available for sale again in time. VIP cards and membership cards can be used for consumption or deductions through the self-service dining ticket system, and for personal card binding through positive identification. Real-time understanding of the dining situation and strict control of entrance ban.

  • Clubhouse:

智能电子门票管理系统可以有效管理会所等有门票需求的场所,提升场所管理能力和档次,实时了解场内人数以及进出会所时间和明细;对会员消费等进行分析和管理,提升管理质量和调整营销策略,提升客户满意度,提升场所品牌和形象。 The intelligent electronic ticket management system can effectively manage venues such as clubs that have ticket needs, improve venue management capabilities and grades, understand the number of people in the venue and the time and details of entering and leaving the club in real time; analyze and manage member consumption, and improve management quality and adjustment Marketing strategies to increase customer satisfaction and brand and image of the venue.

1. Overview

The intelligent electronic ticket system developed by the company is developed based on the accumulation of hundreds of actual project development and implementation experience, and has been continuously improved during the actual project application process. At present, it can completely cover more than 90% of the business of ticket projects. Requirements, fully consider the software architecture during the system design process, and combine the software architecture with the business architecture of the enterprise, and flexibly use the design principles and modular architecture rules of the development language to make the system functions flexible in release, simple to use, convenient to maintain, and efficient in performance specialty.

2. Software system

  • Design Principles

(Prototype) 、命令模式 (Command) 、代理模式 (Proxy) 、工厂模式 (Factory) 、抽象工厂 (Abstract Factory) 对接口和实现进行剥离,从而很好的保证了软件系统的“即插即用”性和可维护性,保障了软件功能的先进行和可扩展性。 The software system is based on object-oriented design. The system design fully considers the "Open-Closed Principle", "Interface Segregation Principle", and the module "Simple Responsibility Principle". Advanced ideas for software development for modular design. In the module development, the prototype mode (Prototype) , command mode (Command) , proxy mode (Factory) , and abstract factory ( Design mode) are widely used. Abstract Factory) strips the interface and implementation, thus ensuring the "plug and play" and maintainability of the software system, and ensuring the advancement and scalability of the software functions.

  • Development specifications

Software system development adopts a rigorous software development process, undergoes a rigorous software testing process, delivers product results in an iterative mode, and releases product versions covering different business areas. In the process of communicating with customers, it constantly absorbs customer opinions and improves product business functions and Business Process.

Comply with the specifications for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in the "Computer Software Development Specification" (GB 8566-88): feasibility study and planning requirements analysis, outline design, detailed design, implementation, assembly, testing Validation, test use and maintenance.

Source code version management specifications and file management tools are used to strictly manage the software source code revisions and changes for each version.

Strictly implement internal systems such as "Code Naming Standards", "Code Review Rules", and "Product Release Process" formulated by the company to ensure stable and reliable software functions.

  • Scalability

The system adopts distributed deployment and modular plug-in release. It can flexibly adjust the functional composition according to different customer needs to meet the requirements of different customers. According to the individual needs of customers, as long as the corresponding functional plug-ins are added, the entire system upgrade is not required, ensuring the system stable.

  • safety

The system fully considers system security and customer data security. The system uses key registration to ensure system operation. Each ticketing point and data query terminal requires background authorization to log in. The operation level of the user personnel is managed through the system permission settings. Different users Log in to view data with different permissions to avoid leakage of corporate confidential data.

3. Hardware system

  • Embedded circuit control

The self-developed aisle gate ticket checking control system has been verified by a large number of actual projects, and the system runs stably and reliably. The control panel has a built-in display light, which is easy to troubleshoot and debug. It supports multiple inputs and outputs, is compatible with most bar codes and IC devices, and supports LCD screen display.

  • Auxiliary equipment

(Honeywell)、斑马(Zebra)、台半(TSC)等性能稳定的知名品牌产品做为门票系统辅助设备,经大量实际项目验证,集成接口稳定可靠,设备性能稳定、耐用。 The system integrates well-known brands with stable performance, such as Honeywell, Zebra, and TSC, as auxiliary equipment of the ticket system. After a lot of actual project verification, the integrated interface is stable and reliable, and the equipment performance is stable and durable .

System composition

The intelligent electronic ticket management system is mainly composed of a central management subsystem, a ticket sales subsystem, a ticket inspection subsystem, and a server service program.

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