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Wing brake application scheme

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Detailed introduction
1.Introduction to equipment
Smart wing gate (sluice gate) is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel passages. It is an upgraded product of intelligent three-roller gates and swing gates. This product is exquisitely processed, fully functional, and high-grade. It is mainly used in communities and intelligent buildings. , Hotels, subways, docks, clubs and other places.
The wing gate organically integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various identification technologies to facilitate the integration of identification devices such as IC cards, ID cards, barcode platforms, fingerprints, faces, etc. on this device. Various identification system equipment and the use of reliable performance security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators, etc., to coordinate the realization of intelligent control and management of the channel.
Divided into: single movement : for single channel and multi-channel; dual movement : for multi-channel, as shown in the figure: single movement on both sides, dual movement in the middle
2. Main functions and features
2.1 Standard product features:
1) With fault self-test and alarm prompt function, convenient for user maintenance and use;
2) The operating status of the programmable device through the built-in small button on the main control board;
3) Mechanical structure and induction double anti-pinch function. When it encounters resistance during the reset of the telescopic boom, it will automatically stop or the motor will stop working within the default time, reset again after the default delay (until reset), and the force is small. (≤2Kg);
4) Sound and light alarm function: including illegal intrusion and trailing alarm;
5) Anti-shock function, when the opening signal is not received, the swing arm is automatically locked;
6) Telescopic arm synchronization function;
7) With automatic reset function, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for this passage after the gate is opened and the traffic is not allowed within a specified time .
8) The channel is automatically opened after power off, and closed automatically after power on;
9) It can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment and receive relay switching signals to work;
10) One-way or two-way control of personnel entry and exit;
11) Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer;
2.2 Scalable functions:
1) Counting function;
2) The case is lengthened, and the material of the telescopic arm is selected;
3) Counting function: can increase the counter to count the number of people entering and leaving.
3.Main structure and configuration of wing gate
1) 1 standard case
2) 1 ram
3) 1 main control board
4) 1 transformer
5) 1 motor
6) 1 set of movement and transmission part
7) 3 pairs of infrared beams , optional increase
8) Alarm (light) 1
9) 3 direction indicator boards
4.wing gate technical parameters
1) Chassis size: 1200 length * 300 width * 1000 height (MM) (optional chassis lengthening)
2) Telescopic boom length: 250mm
3) Zui large channel width: 600mm
4) Weight: 65Kg / set
5) Case material: GB (304) stainless steel, box cover 1.5MM, box body 1.2MM (optional material thickening)
6) Drive motor: DC motor (24V)
7) Input interface: switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width> 100ms, drive current> 10mA
8) Normal service life: 5 million times
9) Communication interface: RS485 standard
10) LED indicator: 6
11) Card reading window: 4
12) Maintenance port: 4
13) Passing speed: 30-40 people / minute
14) Gate opening and closing time: 1 second
15) Time required to enter traffic after power on: 3 seconds
16) Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds
17) Working environment:
Indoor, outdoor (shade)
Temperature: -10 ℃ —— 50 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤90%, non-condensing
Fourth, the wing gate adaptation place :
◆ Office: commercial buildings, government agencies, etc .;
◆ Science and education units: colleges, research institutes, libraries, etc .;
◆ Business service places: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.
◆ Leisure places: parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, etc .;
◆ Transportation station: bus station, train station, subway station, airport, etc.

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