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Face recognition channel
Detailed summary: The design capacity of the face recognition channel is hundreds of millions of population information, which is designed and deployed through a distributed cloud system architecture; it takes only 3 seconds to achieve rapid retrieval, comparison, vault comparison and display of massive information.
所在地: 深圳市参考价: ¥ 19800 Product model: TDZ Location: Shenzhen Reference price: ¥ 19800

Shenzhen Tongdazhi Technology Co., Ltd. Main Products: Full-height revolving door-Two-dimensional code ticket gate-Campus access control system-Facial recognition wing gate Phone: 0755-23462586 / 28128472 Mobile: 13312968250, 13651432210 After-sales telephone: 0755-23462586 to 802 Technical Department Fax: 0755-28234592-806
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