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PA8000MP3 broadcasting system
MP3 broadcasting system
price $ 2350
  • PA8000 Model PA8000
  • 维科 Vico
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 成都市 Chengdu

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【a brief introdction】
The school's MP3 broadcasting system is different from the traditional ringing system. This system is a modern new product that is more humane, more liberal, and more technologically integrated. The product includes a player, a power amplifier, and a sound generator. Through this system, it is more beautifully communicated to various audiences. The product better meets the development needs of modern society. At the same time, the product has been continuously updated and striving for the pursuit of a pleasant sound quality.

MP3 campus broadcasting system (model: DLMP3, ex-factory price: 2350 yuan / set, retail price: 3125 yuan / set), also known as public broadcasting system or digital music player, with USB computer interface, supports MP3 and other storage methods, can be downloaded from Download new music from the Internet to update the original music in the main unit. The program for playing ringing music is cycled on a weekly basis. You can set the bell to ring every day. You can set the number of rings to be made on certain days of the week. Zui can be up to 99 times, suitable for ringing bells in schools, bells in enterprises and institutions, playing broadcast gymnastics and eye exercises, bugle, etc., and can also hold radio conferences.
    The school's MP3 broadcast system comes standard with a 40W power amplifier (model: DLG40, ex-factory price: 350 yuan / set), or a 60W power amplifier (model: DLG60, ex-factory price: 550 yuan / set) or 120W Power amplifier (model: DLG120, ex-factory price: 850 yuan / set).
This product comes standard with a 5W wall-mounted speaker (model: DLYX, ex-factory price: 75 yuan / only), you can increase the number of speakers according to the output power of the amplifier, or order 20W wall-mounted speakers (model: DLYX20, ex-factory price: 175 yuan / only).
     The school's MP3 broadcast system consists of MP3 broadcast players, amplifiers and wall-mounted speakers.
     school Technical performance:
1. MP3 radio player:
①, with USB computer interface, support MP3, WAV, WMA, MIDI and other file formats to store audio data, memory 128M, can download about four hours of new music from the Internet to update the original music in the host.
② The number of times the bell is played up to 99 times a day. The bell sound is CD quality. It has built-in bells for class, radio gymnastics, eye exercises, bugles, and beautiful campus songs.
③, a variety of playback modes to choose from, such as single playback, sequential playback, single loop, all loops, etc., fully meet the needs of various users.
④, can control 6-way partitioner, can realize timing, fixed zone, fixed song to play ringing music.
⑤, 2 audio outputs, can easily connect two amplifiers.
⑥ Intelligent power amplifier power management. When playing music, the power of the amplifier will be turned on in advance to warm up. After the music is played, the power of the amplifier will be automatically turned off.
内置, built-in speaker, you can know the playback content at any time, the volume can be adjusted.
⑧ After the power is cut off, the stored programs will not be lost, and the incoming call will work as usual.
⑨, 1 microphone input, can hold a broadcast conference.
⑩, frequency response range 20Hz ~ 18KHz, signal-to-noise ratio ≤ 90dB, harmonic distortion ≤ 0.1%.
2.Standard amplifier
① The output power is ≤40W.
② The output mode is 100V constant voltage or 4 ~ 8 ohms.
③, one microphone input.
④. One line input.
⑤, one power output.
3. Wall-mounted speakers:
①, rated power ≤5W.
②, audio constant voltage input 100V.
③ The volume is ≤115dB.
④ The frequency response range is 180Hz ~ 14KHz.
4. Working voltage: AC220V radio player, AC220V power amplifier.
5. Volume: Radio player 440 × 335 × 88mm, amplifier 320 × 260 × 40mm, wall-mounted speaker 275 × 200 × 100mm.
    The school ordered for honor of Chengdu Weikean Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Gong

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