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Good news, warm congratulations on our double happiness in the environmental protection market of Hohhot

Read: 3356 Release time: 7/18/2019

good news! Warm congratulations on our double happiness in the environmental protection market of Hohhot

智易时代 市场规模逐渐递增。 With the maturity of the company's business and the significant increase in corporate visibility, the market size of the Zhiyi era has gradually increased. ,如今凭借产品过硬的“软硬实力”,经过公司团队多方面的努力,又成功进军内蒙古呼和浩特市 ,打开一片新天地 The product developed by our company in recent years, the oil fume online monitor, has matured and successfully deployed in Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong and other provinces and cities . Now relying on the excellent "soft and hard power" of the product, The multi-faceted efforts of the team successfully entered Hohhot , Inner Mongolia and opened a new world .

3种型号设备(ZWIN-YY06、ZWIN-YY08、ZWIN-YY10), 主要应用于餐饮行业油烟浓度(也可同时检测颗粒物、非甲烷总烃)和净化设备(风机、净化器等)工作状况的实时在线监测,满足《饮食业油烟浓度在线监控仪》( CCAEPI-RG-Y-020-2011 )等相关要求, 24小时为环保局、企业提供真实有效的污染数据, 极大限度降低环境污染。 Since the development of the Zhiyi era oil fume online monitoring equipment, it has three types of equipment (ZWIN-YY06, ZWIN-YY08, ZWIN-YY10), which are mainly used for the oil fume concentration in the catering industry (also can detect particulate matter and non-methane total hydrocarbons) and Real-time online monitoring of the working conditions of purification equipment (fans, purifiers, etc.), to meet relevant requirements such as "Online Monitor for Fume Concentration in the Catering Industry" ( CCAEPI-RG-Y-020-2011 ), and provide true and effective protection to environmental protection bureaus and enterprises within 24 hours Pollution data can greatly reduce environmental pollution.

好事成双, 双喜临门,在我司 安装完成 油烟设备的同时,也顺利通过了呼和浩特市环境保护产业协会的审核,正式成为呼和浩特市环境保护产业协会第二届理事单位,并获得了由协会颁发的 理事 单位 会员 证书及 理事 单位铜牌证书, 此项 证书的获得,标志着我公司在呼和浩特地区环保行业再次迈向了新台阶! As the so-called good things come in pairs, the double happiness comes to the door. At the same time that our company installed the oil fume equipment, it also passed the audit of the Hohhot Environmental Protection Industry Association and officially became the second director unit of the Hohhot Environmental Protection Industry Association. The membership certificate of the governing unit and the bronze certificate of the governing unit issued by the association . The acquisition of this certificate indicates that our company has once again reached a new level in the environmental protection industry in Hohhot!

Hohhot Environmental Protection Industry Association, formerly affiliated to the Hohhot Environmental Protection Bureau, was established in 2006. It is a place voluntarily composed of enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals engaged in ecological environment-related production, services, research and development, and management in Hohhot. Non-profit, social, and non-profit social organizations. ZHENG 府服务、为企业服务、为行业服务、为社会服务”的宗旨,紧紧围绕当前环保形势要求和全市环境保护重点工作,全力促进呼和浩特市环保产业健康发展。 Adhering to the tenet of “ Serving ZHENG Government, Serving Enterprises, Serving the Industry, and Serving the Society”, it has closely focused on the current environmental protection situation requirements and key environmental protection work in the city, and has made every effort to promote the healthy development of the environmental protection industry in Hohhot.

Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an aggressive and vigorous enterprise dedicated to the online monitoring of various environmental factors. Since its inception, it has always adhered to the "customer-oriented" concept, adhering to the concepts of "survival by quality, development by reputation, and efficiency by management", examining the current situation from a broad perspective, looking at development with a new perspective, and Win the goal to carry out cooperation, be responsible to customers, take the pulse for ZHENG government, work tirelessly, and work hard to create more brilliant performance on the future development path.

Zhiyi understands what you need and continuously creates value for you!

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