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Implementation case of stench online monitoring project in Zhiyi era

Read: 1105 Release time: 7/12/2019

Implementation case of stench online monitoring project in Zhiyi era

Malodor refers to all gaseous substances that irritate the olfactory organs and cause people to be unpleasant and harm the living environment. According to the emission standards for malodorous pollutants, the control indicators of malodorous pollutants are ammonia, C3H9N, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, and dimethyldiamine. The concentrations of sulfur, carbon disulfide, styrene, and odor. The above nine substances are very harmful to the human body. 鉴于恶臭的来源复杂性以及排放间隔性等特点,因此,针对易于产生恶臭的化工园区、垃圾处理场、污水处理厂、制药厂、酿酒厂、纺织厂、水泥厂、 畜禽养殖场等区域,安装在线监测设备尤为重要。 At the same time, in view of the complexity of the source of malodor and the interval between discharges, it is targeted at chemical parks, waste treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical plants, breweries, textile mills, cement plants, livestock and poultry farms, etc. that are prone to malodor. Area, the installation of online monitoring equipment is particularly important.

主要用于企业内生产中环保处理设施运行状况是否良好以及废水处理及排放过程是否有废气(恶臭)排出。 Recently, Zhiyi Times installed a set of on-line odor monitor for a textile factory in Jiangsu, which is mainly used to check whether the environmental protection treatment facilities in the company's production are in good condition and whether waste gas (odor) is discharged during wastewater treatment and discharge. The entire set of equipment consists of a power supply unit, a sampling unit, a sample gas filtering unit, a sensor detection unit, a data processing unit, a display unit and a transmission unit. Can simultaneously monitor six gases including malodor, plus PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure and other parameter indicators; industrial-grade high-precision touch screen, displays the current concentration value, built-in large-capacity memory chip , Can easily store long-term data, and export data through a dedicated interface; compatible with communication protocols such as TCP, IP, MODBUS, wireless data upload and docking with local environmental protection bureaus, and wired remote transmission networking.

Product performance indicators:

product name

Malodor Online Monitor

Product number


product description

3 、H 2 S和TVOC的恶臭在线监测设备 Integrated malodor online monitoring equipment for OU, NH 3 , H 2 S and TVOC

Main technical standards and specifications

(GB14554-93) Emission Standard of Odor Pollutants (GB14554-93)

Monitoring component

、H2S、NH 3 TVOC 、气象 5 参、可扩展 OU 、 H2S 、 NH 3 TVOC 、 Meteorology 5 parameters, expandable

Environmental adaptability

(-20~40) Ambient temperature (-20 ~ 40)

< 90%RH Relative humidity < 90% RH

220±22 VAC Voltage ( 220 ± 22 ) VAC

50±1 Hz Power frequency ( 50 ± 1 ) Hz

:IP53 Protection level : IP53

Measuring range

5 ~ 1000 OU: 5 ~ 1000

2 S: 0 ~ 3 ppm H 2 S: 0 ~ 3 ppm

3 : 0 ~ 50 ppm NH 3 : 0 ~ 50 ppm

: 0 ~ 50 ppm (异丁烯) TVOC : 0 ~ 50 ppm (isobutylene)

~ 10ppm Methyl sulfide: 0 ~ 10ppm

~ 10ppm Methyl mercaptan: 0 ~ 10ppm

~ 10ppm C2H6S2: 0 ~ 10ppm

~ 10ppm Carbon disulfide: 0 ~ 10ppm

~ 10ppm Styrene: 0 ~ 10ppm

~ 10ppm C3H9N: 0 ~ 10ppm


10 % (OU: ≤ 1 5 %) 10 % (OU: ≤ 1 5%)


% (OU: ± 20 %) ± 10 % (OU: ± 20%)

90 Response time (T 90 )

6 0 s 6 0 s

The completion and operation of the project can achieve an alarm over the concentration of odors and other gases in the textile factory, becoming a powerful assistant for enterprises and environmental protection departments, realizing the normal monitoring and early warning of the normal operation of production and discharge processes, and the formation of real-time and effective monitoring of odors and other pollutants. .

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