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Ease of Wisdom: Intelligent Management to Build a New "Internet of Things +" Ecology

Read: 1614 Release time: 2019/12/20
Ease of Wisdom: Intelligent Management to Build a New "Internet of Things +" Ecology
With the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization, no matter whether it is urban or rural, or first-tier cities, water, air, soil and other pollution are becoming increasingly serious. The high attention paid to environmental protection in various industries has created a huge market for environmental protection industries. However, environmental protection covers the detection and transmission of various environmental elements, involving many subdivided software, hardware, and businesses. It requires professional technology and industry experience, and it also needs to adapt to local conditions to promote the environmental protection industry to develop in the direction of diversified services.
Traditional environmental protection companies urgently need to keep up with diverse and changing market demands. Although many environmental protection companies start to innovate, they often focus on equipment and software, and it is difficult to form an integrated solution in the face of customer needs. However, the era of wisdom and easy integration of hardware and software products, solutions, and services for many years in the field of environmental protection has been well known. So, in an industry with severe technology and fierce competition, how can the era of Zhiyi overcome internal and external challenges and continue to lead?
Office Building of Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd. is committed to online monitoring of various environmental factors. From the beginning, the founders recognized the uniqueness of the environmental protection industry in terms of national policies, field segmentation, regulatory strengthening, and system reform. He founded a number of companies and insisted on using technology to drive development. Based on the atmospheric monitoring grid management system, it has launched subdivided products such as dust, smoke, oil fume, VOC, and mobile ZF detection platforms, and then hardware products such as supporting detectors to form a complete smart environmental protection product system.
Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd. Products
In the years of development of the Zhiyi era, it has always been oriented to the Internet of Things, providing a full set of solutions oriented to customer needs, and has made a good accumulation in advance in the subdivided fields and technical levels. At the same time, around the national 13th Five-Year Plan for Ecological and Environmental Monitoring Platform, a targeted, provincial, municipal, and county bureau's ecological and environmental monitoring platform has been established to truly realize a network, a library, and a platform. In addition, the use of large environmental data to carry out early warning and forecast of air quality provides technical support for scientific decision-making.
Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd. modern office environment
Facing the existing achievements, the era of Zhiyi has not stopped. Instead, under the advantages of diversified software and hardware technologies, it has actively seized the IoT vent and deployed information and intelligence on traditional management models and processes through the deployment of Zhibang International ERP system. Transformation, upgrading, from customers, projects, sales, purchasing, warehouses, production, after-sales to finance, etc., to achieve intelligent management and business closed-loop, and accelerate the realization of new goals of supply chain interoperability, cost reduction and efficiency in the entire supply chain!
Employees of Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd. are focusing on their work
Software as an enterprise, real-time docking of demand services
In the face of customers, the more comprehensive the information the company has, the more personalized the service, the faster the transaction, the higher the efficiency, and the greater the benefits. The reality is often that the salesman spent 2 ~ 3 months to discuss the list. It took more than a week to sign the contract and go through the approval process. Arranged production to find that the stock was out of stock, arranged that the purchase was delayed and that the goods could not arrive. The departments communicated back and forth. Confirmed that in the past 10 and a half months, many customers and orders were lost in the process ...
The introduction of the Zhibang International ERP system in the era of Zhiyi avoids this situation. From customers, projects, production, supply and marketing to the supply chain, business data, scenarios and status are all visually presented in the system. The decision-making layer opens the system and can see various business operations, real-time online approval, better decision-making and adjustment strategies. No matter where you are in sales, purchasing, and warehouse management, you can use computers, SJs, tablets, etc. to view and obtain the required data in real time, and communicate and interact in a system ...
View and follow up with target customers anytime, anywhere
View and follow up on contract progress anytime, anywhere
The Zhiyi era is like establishing a real-time online virtual enterprise in the system. From customer contact, production process to order completion, the entire process is automatically connected and one-click circulation. The internal and external communications of the enterprise are carried out in the system, not only the valuable customer and service resources are deposited, but these resources will not be lost due to personnel and time. It means that employees in all links become services anytime, anywhere, allowing enterprises to reach customers in real time, in a shorter time, with higher quality, and provide more competitive products and services.
View and maintain bill of materials anytime, anywhere
View and trace product quality anytime, anywhere
Click to collaborate, activate unlimited vitality inside and outside
For production enterprises, an order may involve many links such as project, design, warehouse, production, etc., and only one bill of material BOM can be divided into many procurement requirements and technological procedures, which is very complicated. In the traditional management mode, in order to control the quality from the source, it takes time and energy to find the original authentic everywhere. In the production process, it is necessary to repeatedly enter and fill in, make a table, etc. Each time you fill in and print, it is a huge waste and wait.
Now, through the Zhibang International ERP system, the Zhiyi era realizes TOU visual management of all suppliers and transaction processes, eliminating various cumbersome intermediate links and avoiding black box operations. Through qualification and credit control, unqualified suppliers can be automatically filtered, and past purchase records and prices can be retrieved and compared in real time, so as to compare goods with each other. Regardless of the number of purchase orders, the same products can be automatically merged and purchased from the same supplier, reducing costs and risks ...
Automate the whole process of purchasing
The era of Zhiyi is not simply a migration of offline business to online, but a simplified one-click collaboration model by simplifying the complicated business process through the intelligent strategy preset in the system. When a sales contract is added, collections, billing, and pre-production schedules are generated simultaneously. When the production plan is submitted, it automatically jumps to the material analysis. After one-click analysis is completed, it automatically jumps to production scheduling. After the analysis and scheduling are completed, it will automatically jump to the production order, and say goodbye to the tedious. One click of the production workbench, equipment operation, staff attendance, order progress, etc. are clear at a glance.
Support one-click jump to material analysis for production planning
Support one-click jump to production order after analysis
Automatic connection throughout the production process, one-click circulation
As a complete software and hardware environmental protection solution provider, Zhiyi Times has implemented multiple scenarios such as "software + Internet of Things", "hardware + Internet of Things", "enterprise + Internet of Things" and so on, by deploying Zhibang International ERP system, and promoting the integration of software and hardware Coordination of upstream and downstream, continuously strengthening the ability to extend the supply chain, and reshaping the intelligent service scene of the environmental protection industry. Now, all employees collaborate in real time to achieve the same goal in a system, greatly improving the efficiency of the supply chain.
In this world, there is always a group of people who are always challenging their limits and constantly creating new heights in their fields. From software to hardware, from the Internet of Things to intelligence, the Zhiyi era is exactly this group of people in the environmental protection field. At any time, we all use the environment and land that awe you and me to survive. On the road of environmental protection, Zhibang International ERP system will help the era of Zhiyi and go fast and far away through "Internet of Things +"!

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