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Monitoring of straw incineration takes into account two functions of "smell" and "see"

Read: 590 Release time: 2019/10/17
Open burning of straw belongs to low-temperature incineration and incomplete combustion. The flue gas contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, photochemical oxidants, and suspended particulates, which cause atmospheric pollution, and will aggravate the occurrence of haze to a certain extent. At present, although there are multiple ways to use straw in China, the low actual utilization rate of straw and the lack of supervisors make the actual situation that more than 300 million tons of straw are incinerated or thrown away as waste each year. The environment, traffic safety and fire protection have all caused great harm. Therefore, in order to solve a variety of regulatory problems in the burning of various straws, such as a wide range of issues, lack of supervisors, inadequate supervision, single supervision methods, low efficiency, untimely supervision information, failure to objectively and fairly reflect the actual situation, and poor traceability, such as modernization It is imperative to realize the monitoring of straw incineration and timely and accurately grasp the information of straw incineration in areas and banned burning areas in a timely manner.
The straw incineration monitoring system takes into account the two main functions of "smell" and "see", as well as certain additional functions such as publicity, warning, and fire prediction.
"Look"-with a video surveillance system, through the high-definition camera with built-in pyrotechnical recognition processor, intelligent, visualized, real-time monitoring and recording of straw burning in the no-burn area and other areas. After the fire is detected, It will automatically alarm and take 8 rotating snapshots to achieve evidence-based supervision.
"Smell"-straw is incompletely burned in the open air. Once burned, a large amount of CO and CO2 will be generated in the flue gas. The smoke monitoring equipment integrating high-tech digital carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide sensors is placed at the downwind outlet. When the “smell” of CO and CO2 gas concentration increases and the data is found to be abnormal, the system automatically alerts the supervisor to check. Due to the wide range of cultivated land in China, the use of smoke monitoring equipment and video monitoring systems can detect fires earlier, faster, and more accurately, and truly "discover in time, stop in time", and reduce false negatives, false positives, The occurrence of a false positive.

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