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New Changes in the Catering Industry-National Oil Fume Pollution Control Will Be Tightened

819 2019/12/20 819
New Changes in the Catering Industry-National Oil Fume Pollution Control Will Be Tightened

New Changes in the Catering Industry——National Oil Fume Pollution Control will be tightened further With the maturity of environmental protection cognition and in-depth research and analysis, we understand more clearly that "food industry fume is one of the three 'killers' of air pollution"

A new breakthrough in soft power, Zhiyi Times obtained two more CCEP certifications. Recently, following the online dust monitor, the VOC online monitor and the oil fume online monitor produced by Tianjin Zhiyi Times Technology Development Co., Ltd. also successfully obtained the Central Environmental Association (Beijing). China Environmental Protection Product Certification Certificate issued by the Certification Center
good news! Warm congratulations to our company in the Hohhot environmental protection market. Double Happiness Comes With the maturity of the company's business and the significant increase in corporate visibility, the market size of the Zhiyi era has gradually increased. The product developed by our company in recent years, the oil fume online monitor, has matured and successfully deployed in Anhui and He
The implementation case of the foul smell online monitoring project in the Zhiyi era Foul smell refers to all gas substances that stimulate the olfactory organs and cause people to be unpleasant and harm the living environment. According to the emission standards for foul pollutants, the control indicators for foul pollutants include ammonia, C3H9N, hydrogen sulfide, and methylsulfur Alcohol, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide

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