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Safety is not life-saving, real-time surveillance of explosion-proof cameras is the guarantee

Read: 2540 Release time: 2018/11/13

There are endless production accidents from all walks of life. Although industrial production can greatly promote the growth of China's GDP, such "blooded GDP" cannot be considered as a long-term development of national GDP, and industrial production cannot be attributed to Fear of accidents and stopping, so how to reduce and avoid the occurrence of frequent accidents has become a very important topic.
At a coal mine safety conference in a certain province this year, some people did not take the spirit of the conference seriously and still were enthusiastic about "blood GDP". In order to ignore the safety of the speed and progress of the project, how can such production accidents be reduced? ? Some people say that safety depends on life. When life is good, they pass by, and life is bad! This is pure nonsense. In fact, as long as coal mining companies pay enough attention to safety production and take adequate precautions before production, the probability of safety accidents will be greatly reduced, or we can optimistically estimate that if all coal mining companies in the country are Very strict precautions have been taken, so if the number of mine disasters does not even reach 10 times in a year, there is not even one major mine disaster?
So what can we do to prevent it? The basic requirement is of course that the production process must be standardized, so generally the effective means of prevention is to install video surveillance equipment, monitor all aspects of production in real time, and monitor the production situation. Once illegal production is found, or somewhere There is danger, and the personnel concerned can take immediate measures to relieve the danger. For a safe place such as coal mine production, ordinary monitoring equipment is often prone to sparks or high temperatures, which easily ignites an explosive environment such as a coal mine and causes serious accidents. Not only does it have little effect on reducing major accidents, it may even Increase hidden dangers. Therefore, the monitoring equipment installed in the coal mine area must be explosion-proof equipment, which is what we often call explosion-proof cameras.
Explosion-proof cameras can be installed in dangerous environments because it has a hard explosion-proof cover, which is used to prevent the internal camera from generating sparks or endangering the surrounding environment after high temperature. Once the internal components generate arc, spark or high temperature The shielding effect of the shield can protect the sparks and temperature inside from affecting the outside, thus avoiding accidents.
In a high-risk place like a coal mine, everyone ’s life is the same. There is no hard or hard statement. Prevention is the real way. Without prevention, life is hard to be swallowed by the cruel environment. Well-prepared, on-site emergency measures, indoor real-time monitoring and monitoring on-site understanding of the situation is the protection of people in danger. More and more tragedies have attracted the attention of all circles in the country. It is believed that as people attach more and more importance to the safety of miners, the explosion-proof monitoring and positioning system for coal mine personnel will receive more and more attention.

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