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What standard parameters do I need to look at when choosing an explosion-proof camera?

Read: 1512 Release time: 9/3/2019
When choosing an explosion-proof camera , it is difficult for us to see the quality of the explosion-proof surveillance camera from the outside. Only after using it can we see the quality of the explosion-proof surveillance camera. When choosing, the manufacturer will give out some parameters of the explosion-proof camera. Through these parameters, a certain judgment can be made on the quality of the explosion-proof camera. The so-called layman watching lively, the layman watching the doorway, for those who have just come into contact with the field of explosion-proof monitoring, it is difficult to see the quality of explosion-proof cameras from that segment of parameters.
White balance
White balance is a very important concept in the field of video camera. It can solve a series of problems of color reproduction and tone processing, and improve the authenticity of the picture.
Scanning system
This refers to the scanning format of the output image of the explosion-proof camera. Internationally, there are two types of scanning formats: PAL and NTSC. In China, it is usually PAL. The standard is 625 lines and 25 frames per second (25fps). The United States, Japan and other countries implement NTSC (29.97fps). Its size affects the playback speed of the picture.
Horizontal resolution is a measure of the sharpness of an image, and is usually expressed by the number of lines (ie TV lines, TVL). In interlaced scanning, one TV line is 1.33 pixels. In the explosion-proof monitoring head, the pixel value and the horizontal resolution are the main indicators to measure the sharpness of the picture. In general, only those with a horizontal definition index exceeding 1080i (2 million pixels) and 720p (92 million pixels) can be called high-definition imaging.

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