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[Supply] HP-DK100 omnidirectional microphone
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  • HP-DK100 omnidirectional microphone
Product reference price: Negotiable
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Guangzhou City, Guangdong
2019-12-14 21:00:37
Validity period:
December 14, 2019-June 14, 2020
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Product introduction

HP-DK100 omnidirectional microphone adopts intelligent digital FPGA dual-core wide dynamic noise reduction algorithm, which can clearly pick up sounds in complex environments, suitable for video conferences, control rooms, conferences, etc.

Detailed introduction

HP-DK100 Omnidirectional Microphone Product Features:

1: HP-DK100 is a full duplex omnidirectional microphone, suitable for video conferencing, control rooms, conferences, etc.
2: Built-in audio acquisition module, which can provide microphone signals closer to human voice for video conference terminals
3: Built-in KaBoni advanced digital noise reduction microphone, can realize voice intercom within 3 meters, no echo howling
4: The use of advanced digital AEC audio technology independently developed by SIZHENG can completely eliminate echo
5: Using intelligent digital FPGA dual-core wide dynamic noise reduction algorithm, can clearly pick up sounds in complex environments
6: The frequency response range meets the requirements for enhanced voice and audio bandwidth, and meets the audio bandwidth standards supported by video conference transmission
7: ATDA dynamic noise level detection, adaptive band-pass filtering, can effectively suppress room environmental noise and system noise
8: True full-duplex audio, enabling speaking and listening at the same time, maintaining continuity of conference voice during the conference
9: Easy to operate, there is a mute / on mode on the top of the product, which can easily switch the mode of conference voice intercom
10: product plug and play, USB power supply, USB audio transmission, 3.5 connector can be connected to high-power speakers
11: Users don't need to hold the MIC or face the MIC to have a relatively easy voice communication
12: Expansion can be expanded through the cascade (optional) of the product, which can make the product suitable for larger room applications
13: HP-DK100 omnidirectional microphone adopts die-casting sturdy alloy casing and double-layer metal mesh cover design with exquisite appearance.
14: The bottom of the product uses non-slip silicone foam, which can reduce the impact of desktop vibration on the microphone
15: It is suitable for working in the super strong ambient temperature of -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ to ensure the high-quality voice intercom effect.
16: Passed the EU environmental protection ROHS directive 2002/95 / EC construction code
17: Passed the European CE standard and the Zui high inspection synchronous recording and video recording system construction specification
18: Passed the FCC related standards test and the corresponding system construction specifications

HP-DK100 omnidirectional microphone technical parameters:

Pickup area

> 3 meters

Noise cancellation frequency response range

10Hz to 10kHz


-22dB (10.0mV e 1V at 1Pa)

Signal to noise ratio

95dB (1m m40dB sound source SPL) 50dB (10m m40dB sound source SPL) 1KHz at 1Pa

Directional characteristics


Noise suppression parameters

> 18dB

Echo suppression parameters

180ms during echo cancellation

Dynamic Range

104dB (1KHz atMax dB SPL)

Zui withstands sound pressure

120dB SPL (1KHz, THD 1%)

input resistance


Output impedance

600 ohms


KaBoni Advanced Digital Noise Cancelling Microphone

Signal processing circuit

SIZHENG digital AEC echo cancellation technology, FPGA dual-core wide dynamic noise reduction algorithm, ATDA dynamic noise level detection

protect the circuit

Lightning protection, reverse polarity protection, ESD protection

Connection method

2 wire harness (USB connector 3.5 connector external speaker)



Working current


Electromagnetic compatibility

Comply with GB 9254-2008

Reliability index

MTBF ≧ 80000 hours

Ambient temperature

-20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃



shell material



130mm × 50mm × 30mm


260 grams


Guangzhou, China


In stock, can provide sample testing

Standards compliant

Passed European Union CE, ROHS, US FCC certification, ISO9001 certification of international quality system, National Intellectual Property Office certificate, computer software copyright of National Copyright Administration, and high-speed inspection and recording system construction specifications

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