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VC-HD330F20 HD color video camera

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  • VC-HD330F20 HD color video camera
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Product introduction

VC-HD330F20 HD color video camera This communication type HD color camera is widely used in video conferencing, distance learning, surveillance, medical treatment, conference, training room, court, Internet communication and various video communication fields.

Detailed introduction

VC-HD330F20 HD color video camera

1.20x optical zoom, fast, accurate and stable autofocus lens
2.Using 1 / 3-inch high-quality HDCMOS sensor with 2.1 million effective pixels, it can realize high-quality 1920x1080 high-resolution images.
3. Wide range, high speed, low noise pan / tilt operation can quickly move to the specified position, and perform a wide range of shooting.
4. Multiple control protocols (VISCA protocol / Pelco-D / P), using conventional RS-232C and RS485 interfaces for communication control.
5.256 position presets, which can be set in advance, including presets for pan, tilt, zoom,
6. Full HD video output, support 1080P60 / 50/30/25, 720P60 / 50/30/25 and other video formats, you can switch through the menu.
7. Equipped with an easy-to-use remote control, in addition to the basic settings, you can also use the remote control to call up the menu to set the relevant parameters of the camera.
8. Optional camera flip function, you can change the installation method through the OSD menu or send a serial command.
9. Abundant OSD menu, you can adjust the camera PTZ speed, set the pre-position, select the communication protocol, set the address code, baud rate, etc.

VC-HD330F20 HD color video camera

VC-HD330F20 is a high-definition color camera; it can be suspended from the ceiling and has the function of vertical image flipping; built-in imported high-definition integrated movement, 20x optical zoom, automatic focus. With high-speed PTZ function, 256 preset positions; can be controlled through RS232C and RS485 interfaces, and supports SONY VISCA, PELCO P / D communication protocols. This communication type high-definition color camera is widely used in video conferencing, distance education, surveillance, medical treatment, conferences, training rooms, courts, Internet communication and various video communication fields.

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