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Looking back at the 2017 Shenzhen International Expo Sizheng's never-ending enthusiasm and smile

Read: 4231 Release time: 2017/11/6
The 2017 Shenzhen Amber Expo has successfully concluded. The four-day exhibition shines with infinite style and positive results.
The high-value and high-performance "Sizheng" products have attracted many customers to stop and experience once they are unveiled. The customers who come to consult are endless, and the "Sizheng" booth has undoubtedly become the focus of popularity.
Show Review:
Sizheng is blooming with his own unique style. The onlookers are in full swing. The scene inside and outside the booth is hot.
Staff introduce Sizheng products to customers
Group photo for win-win cooperation

Sizheng products have won the unanimous recognition of visitors, and the meticulous service of Sizheng staff has also won unanimous praise from visitors!

Explain the intelligent speech recognition module to visitors

Sizheng was interviewed by China Security Exhibition Network
Technical Director in interview
Group photo of Sizheng family
Sizheng led zui strong products to debut at the Expo, earning the attention of exhibitors; fully showing Sizheng's innovative products and comprehensively showing Sizheng's technical strength from front to back, and solutions; establishing enterprises, Brand image. At the same time, Sizheng's security products have been fully recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers. I wish that thinking is getting better and better in the future, based on a new starting point, embark on a new journey, and start a new glory.

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