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Sizheng audio monitoring solution successfully applied to China Construction Bank

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I. Overview With the development of the national economy and the continuous development of banking business, the business volume of financial institutions has increased rapidly, but at the same time, business disputes have also increased, and vicious violence such as bank robbery has also occurred from time to time. New requirements. Practical, stable, and economic security equipment is urgently needed to effectively manage every aspect of financial institutions.

At present, the vast majority of financial systems use analog cameras to monitor the entire work situation. In the later playback, only some pictures can be seen, but the voice communication during the entire business process cannot be known, which makes some business disputes encountered. When the evidence was not clear, the bank's service level was low. With the development of information technology, network cameras are gradually replacing analog cameras and are more used in the financial service industry. This provides a very convenient installation of high-fidelity digital pickups. Conditions also provide a good basis for realizing the entire recording and recording of business.

Just plug the Sizheng Hi-Fi pickup into the audio input of the camera, and you can achieve synchronous recording and video recording without redrawing the cable.

Successful case show: Sizheng pickup is used in ATM cash machine of Construction Bank of Changxing Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

At present, the video surveillance system has gradually developed to digital, intelligent, and networked and has derived many new functions and requirements. It has become a solution for many monitoring users. And this network surveillance system can store large amounts of images and recorded information. Provide, accurate retrieval and control, to achieve long-distance connection and communication within, local and metropolitan areas.

Second, users require ultra-long-term digital recording of each audio channel; real-time monitoring of each audio field (sub-branch); real-time monitoring of each audio remote (branch): without adding any network resources, sharing existing network resources, remote real-time at the branch Monitor any audio recording of each branch of each sub-branch; multi-directional query of recording data: You can inquire sub-branch recordings on-site, or remotely sub-branch recordings of sub-branches, and download the required audio data; various alarm signals are automatically linked; Remote upload of various alarm signals: branch monitoring room where various alarm signals of the branch can be uploaded in time.

3. System composition 1. Sub-branch or savings bank part structure A ceiling-mounted pickup can be installed in the bank lobby, and two bank windows can be installed in parallel. Each outlet can be installed with a pickup and multiple cameras. The monitoring center can remotely select one camera image and audio information or select multiple camera images to form a monitoring screen. It can perform audio dynamic detection on the unmanned area of the computer room. When the sound of the computer room changes, it prompts an alarm to the monitoring center.

2. The output network and the back-end part of the control center are connected to multiple remote branches through routers, and any host on the central LAN can monitor multiple different branches at the same time. Relevant departments such as the president's room and the security room are equipped with a sub-control computer, which can monitor any number of live audio and video pictures at a certain time and control them. Adopt advanced Server / Clients system to transmit compressed audio and video images using TCP / IP. Therefore, whether it is a remote audio / video sender or a remote audio / video receiver, you only need to define an IP address, and you can form any network.

Fourth, the system function 1. Audio recording time period 1-3 months. Recording data is automatically managed without manual intervention. After the hard disk is full, the old recording data will be automatically deleted and the hard disk space will be reused repeatedly. There are the following recording methods: manual control: manual recording; automatic programming: automatic recording according to a pre-arranged schedule; motion detection: start recording when there is a sound, and stop recording when the sound stops.

2. On-site monitoring The real-time monitoring of multiple audio and video sites on the computer screen of the branch at the same time.

3. Query and playback of recording data You can retrieve each audio and video picture according to the corresponding time, place and lens number. You can query the recording data in multiple directions: query playback on the computer at the branch site; query playback via LAN in the control center; Check the playback on the remote computer in the branch monitoring room, the president's room or the security department's room through the remote network.

4. Alarm processing alarm signal access to the sensor alarm signal of the audio server; sound dynamic detection alarm signal; audio loss signal; automatic processing of alarm signal uploading branches; automatic recording of alarm signals; linkage of corresponding audio and video recording and recording.

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