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ZGY-10A three-circuit DC resistance tester

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【a brief introdction】

ZGY-10A three-circuit DC resistance tester has stable, fast and repeatable test data. It is the best choice for measuring the DC resistance of transformers in the field. It has the advantages of fast speed, high accuracy, intuitive display, strong anti-interference ability, small size, low power consumption, stable and reliable test data, and no influence from human factors.

【Detailed description】

ZGY-10A three-circuit DC resistance tester

Professional technology, professional manufacturers, and professional boutiques, Yangzhou Huateng Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the few production enterprises in East China. When you choose Huateng, you can choose to rest assured.

工作原理: ZGY-10A three-loop DC resistance tester works:

There is a constant current source that can generate DC current. When measuring the resistance, a constant current is fed from the I + and I- terminals to the test object. This current generates a corresponding voltage value on the measured object. This voltage value is retrieved by the V + and V- terminals. After zooming in, the resistance value of the test object is directly displayed by a four and a half LCD digital display.


采用全新电源技术,测量迅速、体积小巧、使用方便 1Using new power technology, fast measurement, small size and easy to use
2.Large-capacity CPU can store 255 sets of measurement results
3. Use the typical four-wire measurement method to improve the accuracy of measuring resistance (especially low resistance)
4, comes with a panel-type mini printer, can print the measurement results
5.The stored results can be viewed and printed.

Technical Parameters:

◇ Output current: single-phase measurement 20A, 10A, 5A, 2A, 1A five levels
Three-phase measurement: 10/20 / 10A, 5/10 / 5A, 2/4 / 2A, 1/2 / 1A, etc. ◇ Range: 200μΩ ~ 400mΩ (20A single channel)
0.5mΩ ~ 1Ω (10A single channel)
1mΩ ~ 2Ω (5A single channel)
5mΩ ~ 5Ω (2A single channel)
10mΩ ~ 10Ω (1A single channel)
400μΩ ~ 250mΩ (10/20 / 10A three channels)
3mΩ ~ 600mΩ (5/10 / 5A three channels)
5mΩ ~ 1.5Ω (2/4 / 2A three channels)
10mΩ ~ 3Ω (1/2 / 1A three channels)
◇ Accuracy: 0.2%
◇ Resolution: 0.1μΩ
◇ Volume: 385mm long, 235mm wide, 295mm high
◇ Net weight: 14kg

Operation method:

◇ This machine has a total of three buttons: "Select", "OK" and "Reset". 1. After the resistance measuring instrument is turned on or the reset button is pressed, it enters the initial state (1). At this time, the cursor pointer points to "resistance", and directly presses the "OK" key to enter the state (2), which displays the changed charging current and measurement time, and automatically enters the state (3) after charging is completed, displaying the resistance value, measurement current and measurement time, At this time, every time you press the "OK" key, the measurement result is stored (the model with a printer prints out the measurement result at the same time). Press the "Reset" key to exit the resistance measurement, enter the state (4), and display the discharge current. 自动回到初始状态(1),完成一次电阻测量。 After the discharge is completed, it will automatically return to the initial state (1) to complete a resistance measurement. 2. Number setting Entering the device number is helpful for searching the memory data. In the initial state (1), point the cursor pointer to "Settings" and press the "OK" key to enter the state (5) to display the current device number. 显示新输入的设备编号。 Then press the "OK" key to enter the state (6), and prompt to enter the new device number. At this time, press the "Select" key to make the current input bit from '0' to '9', and then cycle from 'A' to 'Z' After finding the desired number or letter, press the "OK" key to enter a digit, and then enter the next digit in the same way. After entering the six digits, return to state (5) and display the newly entered device number. Press the "Reset" key to return to the initial state (1). 3. The memory operation is in the initial state (1). Move the cursor to "Memory" and press the "OK" key to enter the state (7). The current total number of memory records is displayed. At this time, press the "Select" key to enter the state (8). The new record of zui starts to display the contents of the memory record accordingly. NNNNNN indicates the number of the recording device, and MM indicates the MM resistance value of the device. During the measurement process, the value of MM is incremented by 1 when the “OK” key is stored. Each time a new device number is entered, the MM value is re-accumulated starting from 1. Press the "Select" and "OK" keys at the same time to clear all the data in the memory. Press the "Reset" key to exit the internal operation and return to the state (1). The memory zui can store up to 120 measurement results, after which the old record will be overwritten. The memory contents can be kept for a long time without losing power.

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