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JW7621 glare flashlight, JW7621 price

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  • Yueqing Meiyu Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd. (Sales 5)
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  • 2018-05-14 09:00:00
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【a brief introdction】

Brand: Meiyu Electric

【Detailed description】

强光手电 JW7621 glare flashlight

JW7621 applicable places:
适用于各种急难救助、定点搜索、紧急事故处理等工作使用。 Suitable for all kinds of emergency rescue, fixed-point search, and emergency handling.
JW7621 structural characteristics:
光源采用第四代绿色环保的大功率、高亮度白光 LED ,光源耗能少,使用寿命长达 10 万小时。 ● The light source adopts the fourth generation of green, high-power, high-brightness white LED , which consumes less energy and has a service life of up to 100,000 hours.
反射器采用高科技表面处理工艺,反光效率高,灯具照射距离可达 100 米以上,可视距离达 5000 米以上。 ● The reflector adopts high-tech surface treatment technology, with high reflection efficiency, the lighting distance of the lamp can reach more than 100 meters, and the visible distance can reach more than 5000 meters.
具有强、弱、爆闪三档光,可作照明或远距离信号指示。 ● It has three levels of light: strong, weak, and flash. It can be used for illumination or long-distance signal indication.
高能无记忆电池,容量大,寿命长,自放电率低,经济环保。 High-energy memoryless battery, large capacity, long life, low self-discharge rate, economic and environmental protection.
灯具内部电路设计具有防止过充、过放、短路保护装置及开关防误操作功能。 ● The internal circuit design of the lamp has the function of preventing over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit protection device and switch from misoperation.
高硬度合金外壳,确保其能经受强烈冲击;防水并耐高低温、高湿性能好,可在各种恶劣环境条件下使用。 High hardness alloy shell to ensure that it can withstand strong impact; waterproof and resistant to high and low temperature, high humidity performance, can be used in various harsh environmental conditions.
外表面深度防滑处理,轻盈美观,可放在衣袋中携带,操作简单方便。 ● The outer surface is deeply slip-resistant, light and beautiful, and can be carried in a pocket, and the operation is simple and convenient.
JW7621 technical parameters:

Rated voltage
Rated Capacity
LED )光束亮度 Light source ( LED ) beam brightness
140 lm
LED )平均使用寿命 Light source ( LED ) average life
弱光使用时间 5% low light use time
6540 min
强光使用时间 100% glare time
爆闪使用时间 10Hz flash time
Battery charging time
8h 6 8h
Battery life
(循环) 500 (cycle)
(长 × 把柄) /Φ35mm (灯头直径) 150 × 26.5 mm (length × handle) / Φ35mm (lamp diameter)
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