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NBS-2401IP Broadcast_Multichannel Audio Amplifier Ranking_ 世 邦

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【a brief introdction】

IP broadcast_multi-channel audio amplifier ranking_world state use suitable for large commercial, hotel, airport, station and other occasions

【Detailed description】

IP Broadcast_Multi-channel Audio Amplifier Ranking_Shibang Product Features:

(1U) 、防蚀铝拉丝面板、采用硬件音频编码; 1.Rack-type design (1U) , anti-corrosion aluminum brushed panel, using hardware audio coding;

4 路独立网络解码芯片,可同时解码四路数字音频; 2 , 4 independent network decoding chips, which can decode four digital audio at the same time;

4 路模拟音频输入 ( 端子插座 ) 4 路同时编码、高品质的数字音频传输; 3 , 4 analog audio inputs ( terminal sockets ) , 4 simultaneous encoding, high-quality digital audio transmission;

4 路输入通道可通过网络远程进行音量调节、每路音量可单独调节、可将每路通道输入的音频作为音源分别传输到任意指定的终端进行还原; 4. The 4 input channels can be remotely adjusted through the network, and the volume of each channel can be adjusted individually. The audio input from each channel can be transmitted to any designated terminal as a sound source for restoration.

4 路报警输入、 4 路报警输出用于联动触发,可输出报警无电压信号到第三方设备实现联机自动控制、适应于与外部设备联动的场合 5. Built-in 4 alarm inputs and 4 alarm outputs are used for linkage triggering. It can output alarm voltage-free signals to third-party equipment to achieve online automatic control, which is suitable for occasions linked with external equipment .

30ms 6 , ultra-low network sound transmission delay, broadcast delay is less than 30ms ;

RJ45 网络接口、有以太网口的地方即可接入、支持跨网段和跨路由。 7 , standard RJ45 network interface, where there is an Ethernet port can be accessed, support across network segments and cross routing.

IP Broadcast_Multi-channel Audio Amplifier Ranking_Shibang Product Specifications:

AC120-240V ≤20W Power supply and power consumption: AC120-240V ≤20W

TCP/IP UDP ARP ICMP IGMP Network communication protocols: TCP / IP , UDP , ARP , ICMP , IGMP

10/100Mbps Network chip speed: 10 / 100Mbps

MP3/PCM/ADPCM Audio encoding: MP3 / PCM / ADPCM

22.05-48kHz 16bit Audio sampling, bit rate: 22.05-48kHz , 16bit

频响: ≥90dB 20Hz-16KHz Signal to noise ratio, frequency response: ≥90dB , 20Hz-16KHz

≤30ms Network sound delay: broadcast delay ≤ 30ms

4 RJ45 网口、 4 路线路输入, 4 路线路输出, 4 路报警输入、 4 路报警输出 Interface: 4 RJ45 network ports, 4 line inputs, 4 line outputs, 4 alarm inputs, 4 alarm outputs

-10℃ 50℃ ≤90%RH (无结露) Working temperature and humidity: -10 ℃ 50 ℃ , ≤90% RH (no condensation)

483x183x44mm 4.2kg Product size and weight: 483x183x44mm , 4.2kg

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