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Announcement of Tendering for the Procurement Project of Sand Control and Management Facilities (Monitoring Facilities) in Huaihe River Channel, Fengyang County

Tender release time: 2019/12/11 9:19:58

Deadline for submission of bids: 2019/12/27 23:59:59

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Monitoring facilities 1 batch

Supplier requirements

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No invoice (Note: Special ticket qualifications can be submitted for general ticket requirements)
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No special requirements
Registered funds:
No special requirements
Business Address:
Bowang City, Xuancheng City, Chizhou City, Luzhou City, Lu'an City, Chaohu City, Suzhou City, Fuyang City, Luzhou City, Huangshan City, Anqing City, Tongling City, Huaibei City, Ma'anshan City, Huainan City, Bengbu City, Wuhu City, Hefei City,

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No special requirements
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> Anhui
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0 days

Detailed description

Announcement on Tendering for the Procurement Project of Sand Excavation Management Technical Defense Facilities (Monitoring Facilities) in Huaihe River, Fengyang County
Entrusted by the Fengyang County Water Affairs Bureau, Anhui Huadu Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. is now conducting a public tender for the procurement project of sand mining management and technical protection facilities (monitoring facilities) in the Huaihe River of Fengyang County. Qualified domestic bidding suppliers are welcome to participate .
I. Project Name and Content
1. Project number: czcg201912-066 / ZFCG-2019167
2. Project Name: Procurement project of sand mining management technical defense facilities (monitoring facilities) in Huaihe River, Fengyang County
3. Project organizer: Fengyang County Water Authority
4. Source of funds: financial funds
5. Project budget: 1.5 million yuan
6. Maximum price limit: 1.5 million yuan
7. Division of tenders: a tender package
8. Quantity: See "Procurement Content and Technical Requirements" for details.
9. Basic situation of the project: The procurement project of sand mining management technical defense facilities (monitoring facilities) in Huaihe River, Fengyang County. For details, please refer to "Procurement Content and Technical Requirements".
Qualification of Bidding Suppliers
1. Comply with Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law";
2. The project does not accept consortium bids;
3. The bidder must be registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China, have the qualifications of an independent legal person and the ability to independently bear civil liability; have a qualified business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate (or a three-in-one business license)
4. If a supplier has any of the following bad credit records, it shall not be recommended as a candidate for winning bids, and shall not be determined as a supplier for winning bids:
(1) The supplier is listed in the people's court by the people's court;
(2) The supplier or its legal representative or the proposed project manager (project leader) is included in the bribery crime file by the People's Procuratorate;
(3) The supplier is listed in the abnormal business operation list by the administrative department for industry and commerce;
(4) The supplier is included in the list of parties involved in major tax violation cases by the tax department;
(5) The supplier was listed by the government procurement supervision department as the government procurement serious illegal and dishonesty record list
5. The bidder must provide the bidder and its legal representative with a "commitment of no bribery in the past three years", a "commitment of non-dishonest execution," a "commitment of social legal person no-dishonest execution," and "no major tax violations." Commitment";
6. According to Article 6 of the Supreme People's Court's Provisions on Disclosure of Information on the List of Infidelity Enforced Persons (Fujian [2013] No. 17), the list of infidelity executed persons announced by the bidder and his legal representative in the People's Court May not participate in bidding;
7. A social legal person who has the untrustworthy conduct stipulated in Article 6 of the "Interim Measures for Joint Disciplinary Actions on Untrustworthy Behaviors of Social Legal Persons in Anhui Province" (Wanzheng Office [2015] No. 52) shall not be allowed to perform such acts (the untrustworthy behavior is still being implemented at the deadline for bidding) Participate in bidding;
Third, the registration and tender documents for sale
1. Tender document sales time: 17:00, December 5, 2019, 9:00, December 27, 2019
2. Price of bidding documents: RMB 0 per set, bidding documents are non-refundable
3. Registration method: Online registration
Transaction documents and other methods of collection: Bidders download from Quzhou Public Resources Trading Center ()
4. Opening time and place
1. Bid Opening Time: 9:00 on December 27, 2019
2. Bid Opening Location: Shengyang Public Resources Trading Center Fengyang Branch [The West Annex Building of Xincheng District Media Center in Fengyang County (the northwest side of the intersection of Zhongdu Avenue and Changqiu Road)]. .
V. Deadline for bidding: same as bid opening time
Six: Contact Method
(I) Project organizer: Fengyang County Water Authority
Address: Xincheng District, Fengyang County
Contact: Zhu Guchang
(II) Bidding agency: Anhui Huadu Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: Fengyang County
Contact: Zhang Gong
Explanation of other matters
1. Please refer to the bidding documents for relevant government procurement policies such as energy conservation and environmental protection, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. to be implemented in this project.
2. This project uses online electronic bidding
Announcement deadline
The project announcement period is 20 working days.
Nine, bid security amount and payment account
Bid deposit: 20,000 yuan, the above bid deposit must be paid before the deadline for submission of bids; the bid deposit must be transferred from the bidder's basic account to one of the following accounts in the trading center. Drafts and settlement cards are not accepted, and the time when the funds arrive is used to confirm the completion of the deposit payment.
(1) Account name: Fengyang County Public Resources Trading Center
Bank: Fengyang Sub-branch, Bank of China Co., Ltd.
Account number: 178231059907
(2) Account name: Fengyang County Public Resources Trading Center
Bank: Fengyang Sub-branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd.
Account number: 1313072138000184743
(3) Account name: Fengyang County Public Resources Trading Center
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Fengyang County Branch
Account number: 122300010400142010000000035
The deadline for the deposit to reach the account is the same as the deadline for submitting bidding documents. When paying the deposit, you must specify in the transaction postscript: "Purchasing project (simplified) for the procurement of technical defense facilities (monitoring facilities) in Huaihe River Channel of Fengyang County" bidding deposit.
X. Other important notes
(1) This project only accepts companies registered and approved in the information database of Chuzhou Public Resource Transaction Center, and bidders who have not entered the library are required to go through the warehousing procedures in time (for registration, please visit Chuzhou Public Resource Transaction Center> Work Guide> I am the bidder> Application section of the credit database> "One-time notification letter on the credit database of the enterprise registration declaration"). URL:. Contact phone: 1) Registration and system problem handling: 2) Technical consultation: 3) CA lock use problem handling :) CA lock handling problem handling: If you cannot register due to not completing the storage procedures in a timely manner, you shall bear your own responsibility;
(2) For the enterprise registration procedure, please visit the Luzhou Public Resource Transaction Center. (For detailed operation steps and procedures, please refer to "Office Guide> I am the bidder> Bid registration column>" Business registration, downloading documents and project online operation manual ". URL :;
(3) Query the bid document to make the machine code and create the identification code when the bid is opened. If there is a bidding document making machine code or creating identification code that is similar to other bidders, the bid is invalid, the deposit is not refundable, and credit information is disclosed. The administrative supervision department will investigate and punish according to the clues according to law;
(4) Bidders must register and download transaction documents, otherwise the bid documents will be rejected;
(5) If the bidder is restricted by the county administrative department or above or the comprehensive bidding supervision and management department of the bidding and the bid opening date is within the penalty period, the bidding qualification shall be restricted, and he shall not participate in the public resource trading project of our city. If the bidding activity is successful, the bidding qualification will be cancelled;
(6) Any bidder who commits illegal acts such as violation of laws and regulations, disrupts market order, and is punished by the supervisory authority in the public resource trading activities of our city will be exposed on the relevant websites such as Chuzhou Public Resource Trading Network;
(7) If the bidder discloses credit information because of violations of laws, regulations, rules and regulations and other disturbances to the order, the bidder will not accept the bidding documents during the disclosure period;
(8) If bidders are included in the list of parties involved in major tax violation cases, they shall all be restricted from entering into transactions, and shall not participate in bidding activities for public resource transactions in our city.
(9) The bidder (agent) will check the bidder's credit records through the "Credit China" website (), the national enterprise credit information disclosure system and other channels. If the number of bidders is less than 10 (inclusive), during the qualification review process, the bidder (agent) will check whether the bidder, the legal representative and the person in charge of the project are the dishonest performers announced by the people's court. Perform online verification. If there are more than 10 bidders, after the expert review, according to the preliminary conclusions of the bid evaluation committee, the bidder (agent) will announce whether the recommended winning bidder, legal representative and person in charge of the project are the people's court. The untrustworthy conduct of such untrustworthy persons was verified online. If the verification result is inconsistent with the bidder's commitment, it shall be submitted to the bid evaluation committee to cancel its pre-winning candidate qualification, substitute in turn, and conduct a review of the substitute unit again. The verification results do not change the original bid evaluation benchmark value;
(10) If two or more natural persons, legal persons or other organizations form a consortium and participate in public resource transaction activities as a bidder, all members of the consortium will be checked for credit records, and the members of the consortium have bad credit. If recorded, it is deemed that the consortium has a bad credit record;
(11) The bidder's bad behavior, dishonesty behavior, and administrative penalties will not change due to the change in the name of the company; if the bidder unit, legal representative and the person in charge of the proposed project has committed bribery in the past three years, the bid is invalid. Successful bidders will be disqualified;
(12) The bidder has no wage arrears of migrant workers in the past three years. If relevant questions or complaints occur, the bidder issued by the relevant administrative department at the county level or above in the relevant project location within five working days shall have no wage arrears of migrant workers. The credit certificate of the situation, otherwise the qualification for winning the bid will be cancelled;
(13) If the successful candidate waives the qualification of the successful candidate without proper reasons, the bid security will not be refunded and recorded as bad information.
(14) If there is no refund of the bidding deposit of the bidder, it will be collected directly by the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center.
Special Note:
1. This project adopts the online bidding method. Bidders are requested to download the electronic bidding tool on the left side of the homepage of Shengzhou Public Resources Trading Center ().
2. If the transaction documents are changed during the process, the latest bidding documents for this project should be made by using the template in the final tender clarification document issued;
3. Please note that after successful bidding registration, all bidders must download the transaction documents and make bidding documents in their own identity, and upload the documents after the bidding documents are successfully prepared. If the relevant MAC address of the bidder is consistent, the bid is invalid and will be treated as collusion bidding;
4. The materials required for bidding can be uploaded to the corresponding column in the bidding enterprise system-integrity database management, and the CA digital certificate is inserted when the bidding documents are produced, and relevant materials are selected from the bidding company registration information. Or upload to the designated location as required by the bidding transaction documents;
5. The bidder must sign and encrypt the bidding document with a CA digital certificate. It is recommended to use a master lock. (If you have not obtained a CA digital certificate, please go to the CA certificate application window of Quzhou Public Resource Transaction Center in a timely manner. For information required for processing, please log in Quzhou Public Resource Transaction Center> Office Guide> I am a bidder> Integrity database application> About the enterprise A one-time notification for the CA certificate and certificate extension. Website: If you fail to apply for the CA lock procedure in a timely manner, you will not be able to apply for bidding, you shall bear your own responsibility;
6. When bidding, please invite all bidders to bring the CA lock used for the encrypted bidding documents of this project. Decrypt the bidding documents when the bid is opened;
7. The bidders of this project need to use the latest version of the bidding document production tools. Download the tools at the bottom left of the homepage of Chuzhou Public Resource Trading Center to download. The software must be running on the Internet. The bidders need to pay attention to update to avoid causing problems. The bidding is made incorrectly, and if it results in invalid bidding, you are responsible for it. If you have technical problems, please contact;
8. After the bidding documents of this project are decrypted, bidders are not required to continue to participate in the bid opening. If the bidder fails to participate in the bid opening process and cannot be clarified, explained or corrected in the bid evaluation process, the consequences shall be borne by him. If the bidder fails to participate in the bid opening, it shall be deemed as the result of the bid opening and evaluation.
Eleven announcement media
Chuzhou Public Resource Transaction Center, Anhui Public Resource Transaction Supervision Network, Anhui Provincial Government Procurement Network, Luzhou Government Information Public Website

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