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SL579K Germany TECHAP ball valve SL579K parameters

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Contact: Gao Qilin 17710704891

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The TWIN-BALL-SYSTEM system obtained by TECHAP internationally can newly design partial rotary valve actuators, step actuators (reversible), pumps, partial rotary motion in processing technology, pneumatic motors, hydraulic rotary valve actuators and motors

German TECHAP ball valve SL579K parameters

TECHAP's electric and pneumatic ball valves

2 / 2- and 3/2 methods and valves

• Motor driven 2/2 and 3/2 modes

• Pneumatically driven 2/2 and 3/2

• Polyvinyl chloride 0 ... 40 ° C, Polyvinyl chloride-C 0 ... 90 ° C, 10 bar

• Chemical resistance

• Complementary position feedback on / off

• Power supply voltage 230V, 110V, 24V AC + 24V DC

• DN 12 ... DN100

Since 1967, TECHAP Germany has been supplying parts and complete plants for companies in the fields of process engineering, water treatment, plant and equipment manufacturing, chemical industry and mechanical engineering, such as process valves, globe valves (also used in ceramics, for example) , Syringe, backflow valve, backflow regulating valve, continuous reversing valve for reversing valve, overcurrent pressure maintaining valve, complete ion exchange equipment for dehardening, complete or partial desalination, mixed bed equipment, residual metal removal equipment, with Neutralization equipment and other special equipment for distribution technology, as well as simulation devices and equipment for the field of cooling water.

TECHAP develops and produces its own uP controller mechanism and measuring equipment for process control and measurement of process control tasks such as ° C, uS / cm, pH, rH, turbidity, humidity, level and measurement evaluation. When TECHAP was founded in 1967, TECHAP began to develop and produce high-performance process valves that have not yet exceeded the quality requirements for the operation and regeneration of ion exchangers for 4 different types of technology, and 5 ratings for DN 20 width. .. In terms of measurement and control technology, TECHAP produces a freely programmable microcontroller mechanism with integrated analog measurement processing, operator-led programming on the front keyboard and SPC and soft SPC control mechanisms, including visualization. Today, TECHAP is working to develop equipment and technology within the scope of TECHAP's components according to the special requirements of customers. Control adjustment metering.

The TWIN-BALL-SYSTEM system obtained by TECHAP internationally can newly design partial rotary valve actuators, step actuators (also reversible), pumps, partial rotary motion in processing technology, pneumatic motors, hydraulic rotary valve actuators and motors . To the explosion motor. TECHAP's undeniable advantages are high efficiency, torque separated from stroke, minimal wear and low production costs.

In the field of environmental protection, TECHAP offers chemical vapor locks and accessories, such as precision filters and quick-closing equipment for compressed air filling processes, and pre-cleaners for the removal of CO2 (for ultrapure water).

TECHAP's TECHAP product range includes the following new products: valveless ceramic piston metering pumps (also pulseless), vacuum pumps, electric and pneumatically driven ball valves 2/2 and 3/2, pneumatic and hydraulic part rotary valve actuators TECHAP Two-ball system for process technology, ceramic piston regulating valve for corrosive gases.

Other products are under development. TECHAP has reorganized and organized the selection of products in this chapter.

TECHAP is provided based on a version of the General Terms and Conditions of Supply and Payment. In addition, TECHAP expressly reserves the right to make technical changes to the design, shape and further development. This catalog is dated early 2000 and is not subject to TECHAP Update Services. The previous file is invalid.

TECHAP model examples:






























Product Categories:

Valve, control valve, control valve, ball check valve, check valve, nozzle, ejector, ion exchanger, desalination, water treatment, special valve, process control valve, chemical vapor absorbent

Beijing Handason Cowell Handason Project

Burocco stainless steel valve / Burocco switch valve / Burocco pneumatic switch valve / Burocco solenoid valve / Burocco proportional valve / Burocco conventional valve / Burocco stack valve

Hundsun original purchase Burocco stainless steel valve, Burocco on-off valve, Burocco pneumatic on-off valve, Burocco solenoid valve, Burocco proportional valve, Burocco conventional valve, Burocco superposition valve, Burocco cartridge valve, Burocco pneumatic regulating valve, Burocco electric regulating valve, Burocco Manual control valve, Burocco pneumatic control valve products, Burocco electric control valve, Burocco proportional valve, Burocco pneumatic ball valve, Burocco electric ball valve, Burocco manual ball valve and other products.

The valves produced by BUROCCO in Italy are:

Regulating valve:

Burocco stainless steel valve control valve series: 2000-2003

2/3 way control valve, suitable for thick media

DN15-150, PN16 / 40, ANSI150 / ANSI300

Material: cast iron GS400-12 (GGG40), carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB, stainless steel AISI316 (CF8M)

Temperature: -196 ℃-350 ℃

Control valve series: 800-803

2/3 way control valve for dilute media

DN15-150, PN16 / 40

Material: cast iron GS400-12 (GGG40), carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB, stainless steel AISI316 (CF8M)

Temperature: -30 ℃-210 ℃

Pneumatic control valve series: EURO

2-way control ball valve for dilute media

DN15-50, PN16

Material: cast iron GS400-12 (GGG40)

Temperature: -5 ℃-200 ℃

Pneumatic control valve series: 1000

2-way control valve

DN8-50, PN16 / 25

Material: stainless steel AISI 316 / 316L (1.4408 / 1.4409)

Temperature: -30 ℃-200 ℃

Company Profile

Beijing Handason International Trade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the import trade of industrial products in Europe. The main products are industrial automation equipment, electromechanical equipment, hydraulic equipment, electrical equipment and parts and other products.

The company headquarters was established in Germany in 2007. Since its establishment, the company has been providing product purchasing services for some domestic traders, equipment vendors and end customers as a German company. At present, we are the general agent in China of several industrial equipment manufacturers such as Germany, Italy, and Sweden; and a first-level distributor of more than a dozen industrial equipment companies in Germany and Italy. There are more than 80 dominant brands. Do business with more than 2,000 suppliers in Europe.

Agent products:

Burocco Valves, Italy

Swedish Transmotec Motor

Grindaix lubrication system

Unimec reducer

Advantage brands:

Swedish HMS

Germany MAHLE

Germany FIBRO

Danfoss BAUER, Germany

German Speck



German AFAG


Elaflex, Germany

Germany FIBRO

Germany EA-Elektro-automatik

Germany Bandelelin electronic

Behlke Power Electronics, Germany

Bosch Rexroth, Germany

BUCHER, Switzerland

Bühler Motor, Germany

Cavotec, Switzerland

Germany MAYR GmbH + Co. KG



Italy ETA

Eurofluid Hydrauli, Italy

Fernsteuergeraete (FSG)

FuG Elektronik GmbH, Germany

GEMU, Germany

Germa GmbH, Germany



Germany Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG


KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH, Germany

Maag Pump Systems AG, Switzerland

Germany MAHLE

MAXON MOTOR, Switzerland




Beijing Henderson promises to:

①Purchased directly from Swiss manufacturers to ensure that all Bucher BUCHER products are genuine

② Reasonable prices, bypassing layers of agents, maximizing profit to customers

③The European head office delivers the LCL on Wednesdays, which greatly saves logistics costs.

④A wide range of channels. There are agents in China or customers protect products that manufacturers do not sell. As long as you can provide models, we can also purchase from European distributors.

⑤European engineers provide you with professional pre-sale and after-sale technical consulting services.

Burocco Inoxvalvole was founded in 1954. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research and development of stainless steel valves. According to customer requirements, we have developed a variety of valves, which have been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, steel, textile, etc. Various industrial fields. Main products: Italy Burocco valve, on-off valve, pneumatic on-off valve, solenoid valve, proportional valve, conventional valve, superposition valve, cartridge valve. The company's product quality assurance, welcome to buy!

Norder's distributed drive technology

Inverters and motor soft starters from NORD

Our electronic drive technology can be used flexibly in a variety of applications. Quick installation, simple operation, and compatibility with all common bus systems and controllers.

NORD frequency converters and motor starters are ideally suited for centralized operation of control cabinets, as well as distributed, fully integrated operating operations implemented directly on the motor. These inverters are designed to meet Industry 4.0 and can be networked and pre-processed with internal status data or externally connected sensor data through an internal PLC. This makes remote status monitoring possible.

Top reasons to buy a Norder inverter


Our frequency converters communicate through all common bus systems and can be easily integrated into any system design solution. They can be extended with functions and options, so they can be integrated into almost any system or machine.


The frequency converter has various integrated safety and monitoring functions.


As an important customer of Nord, you will benefit from a variety of services, such as global system support for system planning and commissioning and sales partners on all continents.

Our Drives: Smart Interconnect

Nord's inverters are equipped with powerful processors and have better control accuracy. A variety of different communication interfaces enable the frequency converter to be integrated into a variety of different control architectures.

One of the significant advantages of process quality is system intelligence: With the integrated PLC, the frequency converter can respond autonomously to achieve changes and fault repairs that are not related to the system controller. Find out how our frequency converters can help the beverage industry achieve efficient filtration systems:

More information

NORD Motor Starter: Fast and powerful starting aid

Free configuration and simple installation: our NORDAC motor starter. These systems allow complete electronic, non-destructive start-up and are equipped with a reverse function. The NORDAC START series motor starters are equipped with various safety devices, such as internal motor protection and brake rectifiers, to control the motor braking process. Therefore, there is no need to install a motor protection switch.

Thanks to the built-in potentiometer, the NORDAC START motor starter enables quick commissioning and is equipped with a DIP switch.

Our NORDAC LINK series motor starters can be integrated into various fieldbus systems. In the NORDAC LINK series, we also provide inverters with integrated PLC, which can optimize the PLC functions near the inverter.


KP40.109 gear pump-06S8-LMF

KP20.14D0-82E2-LGE / GD-N-BZ

KP20.11,2D0-82E2-LGD / GD-N-BZ

KP20.11,2D0-82E2-BZ LEA / EA



PLP202. Order 140S0

PLP10.4 DO-81E1


FMA-4N-MB / 180


Feature download efficiency: IE1, IE2

Features Explosion-proof NORD drive solutions have been part of the NORD product family for decades. Nord provides products based on ATEX Zone 21 (Class 2D) and Zone 22 (Class 3D). These systems are available in a variety of protection types that meet the ignition protection "case-in-package" (tD).

All of our dust explosion-proof motors are ATEX and HazLoc certified and offer the following options:

Brake (BRE +), external fan (F)

Motor protection: temperature sensor (TF), temperature monitoring element (TW), stationary heating device (SH)

Motor connection: Motor plug connector (MS)

High power and low energy consumption

NORD offers various types of motors that meet the requirements of all common international efficiency regulations and standards. Our motors are widely used in various applications. These motors are not only powerful and durable, but also work with all NORD geared motors use.

Whether for agitators, conveyor systems, internal logistics, or the food industry: NORD motors can be used in high-performance applications. They can operate reliably for many years and have a high productivity (up to 95%). This helps reduce customer operating costs and also helps protect the environment.

Several reasons to buy NORD Motors:

high efficiency

Our motors meet the relevant requirements of the current IEC standard 60034-30-1: 2014 and EUP 640/2009, even when the efficiency level of energy-saving synchronous motors reaches IE4 level.

high quality

We independently produce all motor types according to strict standards.

High availability

Through our independent production, we are able to achieve fast delivery of all motors worldwide.

High flexibility

Because these motors are the same size, you can quickly switch between different energy efficiency levels without having to modify the mechanical size.

Strong economy-our motors

Electronic drive equipment used in industrial applications can consume 70% of the total energy. So for many companies, the optimization potential of electronic drive equipment is huge.

Because of this, NORD has developed a series of powerful energy-saving motors. These independent motors have high working efficiency, even to a certain degree higher than the current European regulations.

NORD energy-saving motors are suitable for almost all applications. In particular, its economical IE4 series includes a total of 3 different sizes, and its power is between 1.1 and 5.5kW.

Do you want to drastically reduce their energy costs? So learn more about our energy-efficient IE4 synchronous motors!

click here

Motors for special applications

In some applications, standard motors may not be usable, such as in harsh environmental conditions, heavy loads must be moved, or there is a risk of explosion.

For these cases, we offer special motor products with a power range between 0.12 and 30 kW: explosion-proof motors can be used in dust and gas environments. Our motors are certified according to ATEX, IECEx and HazLoc standards.

Our individual motors can run normally under completely demanding steel production conditions!

German TECHAP ball valve SL579K parameters

Beijing Handason Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

| 2nd year

Mobile: 17710704891

Contact: Gao Qilin

Phone: 86-010-64714988-215

Fax: 86-010-64714988-668

(When contacting me, please indicate that you saw it on the security exhibition website , thank you!)

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