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Wheelchair weight scale

Original price ¥ 8600.00
price ¥ 3406
order amount 1 piece

Contact: Yang Xing 13671573372

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2020-02-05 to 2020-03-05
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Our Shanghai Henggang Instrument Co., Ltd. has recently sold a good product. When the New Year is approaching, our company provides strong support to new and old customers. It is now on sale. There is no discount. Shop it! !! !!

Anti-slip wheelchair dialysis called patient wheelchair weight scale: standard printing function, with dialysis function, convenient for people to walk back and forth, etc., stainless steel wheelchair scale

Wheelchair weight scale

Our company's anti-slip wheelchairs are said to sell well all over the country and overseas, and millions of high-quality products are providing services for petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, environmental protection, scientific research, teaching and other fields
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Easy to get on and off wheelchair scale Product picture:

Features of anti-slip wheelchair dialysis :

Wheelchair scale body: made of high-quality and high-strength steel for group welding, high overall strength, compression resistance, tensile strength, and torsional resistance.

. Sensor: The overall use of stainless steel, carbon steel material, surface chemical processing, beautiful, corrosion resistance .

Use environment: shock-resistant weighing occasions, using high-quality coil springs as buffers, can effectively absorb the impact of the goods during the weighing process. Suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

Wheelchair scales are designed for humanity, such as bringing single or double slopes to facilitate loading and unloading of goods, and dual armrests to facilitate people walking back and forth.

, 不锈钢材质轮椅秤 , 材质不同价格不一 Material selection: Carbon steel wheelchair scales , stainless steel wheelchair scales , different materials with different prices
Can be customized according to your requirements details to read weight data and start other functions, free warranty for one year (except battery charger), power configuration: AC adapter

产品图片: Electronic wheelchair scale manufacturer product picture:

Anti-slip wheelchair dialysis function:

Wheelchair scales produced by our company can choose multiple backlight modes.

Independently developed special high-tech software technology to enhance the anti-vibration ability of the system;

A/D 转换,可读性高达 1/30000 Using high-precision A / D conversion, readability up to 1/30000 ;

It is convenient to call the internal code to display and replace the sensing weight to observe and analyze the tolerance;

/ 手动)范围、可分别设置; Zero tracking range, zero setting (power on / manual) range, can be set separately;

Digital filtering speed, amplitude and stabilization time can be set;
Standard printing function, Box) Connected with 4 high-precision sensors, stainless steel wheelchair scales, rubber materials for armrests, equipped with four high-precision shear beam load cells and intelligent weighing display instruments to form a weighing system

With weighing counting function; (single piece has power failure protection)

6V/4AH 免维护蓄电池, Configure 6V / 4AH maintenance-free battery,

Can be charged randomly; with low voltage indicator and protection device, safer and more convenient to use;

产品图片: 1 meter weighing platform wheelchair pound Product Picture:

Anti-slip wheelchair dialysis parameters:

11m Countertop size: 11m

Material: carbon steel stainless steel optional

Function: Professional weighing and printing weighing

0.80.8 米,外径所量尺寸为 11 米,两边带 1 米高的扶手,方便老人或虚弱病人称重 Wheelchair scale is a dialysis electronic scale specially tailored for the hospital. The standard weighing pan size is 0.80.8 meters, the outer diameter is 11 meters, and the two sides are equipped with 1 -meter high armrests. weight

产品图片: Hemodialysis patient wheelchair electronic scale product picture:

注意事项: 200kg wheelchair weight scale precautions:

di one, first place the wheelchair scale on a stable ground to avoid vibration and direct sunlight

di two, plug in the power switch, turn on.

di III, pay attention to the AC indicator light after turning on the AC, if not, please check the relevant parts.

di IV. The wheelchair scale will self-check immediately after powering on. The user can find out whether the zero position is normal through the screen display.

产品图片: Product picture of Saikang medical wheelchair weight scale :

Regarding after-sales service, we promise:

For products sold to customers within one year, quality problems caused by non-artificial or external causes are repaired free of charge, and they are sold after life.

After the customer purchases the product, if there is a problem in the installation technology, our company will cooperate fully to solve the problem.

Free delivery, installation and commissioning within Shanghai.

Our company is a regular company, operating in good faith, and has been praised by many customers.

叉车电子秤 畜牧秤称重模块倒桶秤地磅秤电子吊秤电子台秤电子桌秤钢瓶秤轮椅秤钢卷秤滚筒秤身高体重秤分选秤 病人轮椅体重秤医疗行业轮椅磅300公斤血透秤 Our company also sells: forklift electronic scales , animal husbandry scales , weighing modules , inverted bucket scales , floor scales , electronic crane scales , electronic platform scales , electronic table scales , cylinder scales , wheelchair scales , steel coil scales , drum scales , height Weight scales , sorting scales , patient wheelchair weight scales , wheelchair pounds for the medical industry , 300 kg hemodialysis scales

Wheelchair weight scale

Shanghai Henggang Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

| 7th Year

Mobile: 13671573372

Contact: Yang Xing

Phone: 86-021-61993623

Fax: 86-021-61993623

(When contacting me, please indicate that you saw it on the security exhibition website , thank you!)

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