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Internomen-High pressure filter stainless steel EHP technical parameters

price 8500.00

Contact: Liu Wei17718588643

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Internomen-High pressure filter stainless steel EHP technical parameters

Internomen-High Pressure Filter Stainless Steel EHP Series Technical Parameters

Internomen EHP 31

Operating temperature: + 14 ° F to + 176 ° F (short time + 212 ° F)

Connection system: threaded connection

Installation position: vertical

Internomen EHP 60-90

Operating temperature: + 14 ° F to + 176 ° F (short time + 212 ° F)

Connection system: threaded connection

Installation position: vertical

Internomen-High Pressure Filter Stainless Steel EHP Series Technical Parameters

EHP series pressure filters are suitable for working pressures up to 20300 PSI. The pressure peak is absorbed by a sufficient safety margin. EHP filters are installed online.

Eaton stainless steel filters are unmatched in strength and durability. Their corrosion resistance makes them suitable for use in marine technology, chemical and food industries, water treatment plants in the power industry, and water and emulsions under extreme outdoor and environmental conditions.

INTERNORMEN company profile:

INTERNORMEN is a German company specializing in the manufacture and production of hydraulic filtration and testing instruments. It provides customers with quality manufacturing or industrial filtration solutions and has a high brand awareness in the global hydraulic industry.

In 2011, the German INTERNORMEN Technology Group was acquired by EATON. EATON is an industry-recognized hydraulic leader in hydraulic filtration and instrumentation. However, after the acquisition, the INTERNORMEN brand has not been discontinued. EATON's goal is to continue to provide INTERNORMEN's long-standing tradition of high-quality groundbreaking products, systems, and complete solutions and services in the areas of hydraulic, lubricating oil and process filtration customer growth expectations.

Internomen common filter models:












INTERNORMEN 01e.360.10vg.30.ep

INTERNORMEN 01E.1201.10VG.10.SP-





INTERNORMEN 01e.950.40g.10.sp






INTERNORMEN HP.151.6VG.30.EP-.G.5.S2.AE.70.2,5: G1

INTERNORMEN HP.91.6VG.30.EP-.G.4.S2.AE.70.2,5; G3 / 4


INTERNORMEN 01.E 210.10VG.16.SP-

INTERNORMEN 01.NL 630.25G.30.EP-

INTERNORMEN TEF.625.10VG.16.SP-.FS.8 .-. E1.1,5.PO
















INTERNORMEN 01.E 950.10VG.10.SP-

INTERNORMEN 01.E 950.16VG.10.SP-

INTERNORMEN 01.E 600.25VG.30.EP-

INTERNORMEN 01.N 100.16VG.16.S1.P.

加压水温控制装置TT-137技术参数 TOOL-TEMP pressurized water temperature control device TT-137 technical parameters

safety equipment:

* Liquid level control provides automatic dry running protection

* Independent mechanical safety thermostat

* The temperature limiter is installed in the controller

* Motor protection switch, transformer, insulation

发生故障时发出声音警报 * Sound alert in case of malfunction


Temperature range: TT-137N model, water temperature up to 140ºC.

TT-137B / BP model, water temperature up to 160ºC

Control: self-optimized microprocessor controller and digital, display set temperature and actual temperature

Flow control: electronic, minimum flow with digital display and automatic control.

Model: There are two models to choose from: TT-138N, with pump shaft face seal TT-137B, with sealed magnetic pump drive

Heating capacity: 12 kW

Cooling capacity: about 80kW-indirect approx. 60kW-direct

Cooling system: indirect or direct cooling

Pump capacity: N pump maximum 5 bar, maximum 110 liters / minute. The B pump has a maximum of 6.5 bar and a maximum of 751 / min.

Filling: automatic with water filter

Connection: Medium: 3/4 "female thread Cooling water: 3/8" female thread

Dimensions: L 870 x W 360 x H 915 mm. Caster

Weight: about 120 kg

Color: Silver Grey RAL 7001

工具箱技术参数简介 Introduction to technical parameters of ZARGES K470 toolbox

· For quality characteristics and product details, see K 470.

· Equipped with armored buckle to prevent unauthorized entry.

· Two alternative methods for fixing the box to the loading bed: fixed or removable.

· Equipped with armored buckle to prevent unauthorized entry.

卡车工具箱的安全性已经成功进行了碰撞测试。 · The safety of the K 470 truck toolbox has been successfully crash tested.

Introduction to technical parameters of ZARGES K470 toolbox

ZARGES 'mobile tool case for pickup truck beds-innovative fasteners make the case easy to install and remove.

· The transportation and storage box of the vehicle flatbed is suitable for local government, skilled trade, gardening, agriculture and forestry vehicles.

ZARGES factory introduction:

For more than 80 years, the ZARGES brand has been synonymous with continuous innovation in the fields of access, packaging, transportation and special construction. ZARGES is a European light metal construction company. As a European light metal company, zarges was founded in 1933. So far, it has 8 factories in Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, and the United States, engaged in the production of safety cabinets and ladders. With more than 75 years of ladder manufacturing experience, zarges not only supplies conventional cabinets and ladders, but also provides customized solutions for our customers.

As an innovative city, ZARGES provides customers with products and services that set standards in terms of safety, durability and ergonomics. ZARGES products combine the multiple advantages of light metal aluminum, such as high stability and low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility in use. ZARGES provides the right product for every need and provides customized solutions.

大型压力调节器参数简介 Brief introduction of Riegler large pressure regulator parameters

Large pressure regulator with 2 pressure gauges, G 1 1/2, regulator. 0.5-6 bar

Large pressure regulator with 2 pressure gauges for inlet and outlet pressure, G 1 1/2, control range 0.5-6 bar, maximum inlet pressure. 40 bar. Non-pressure independent, internal pilot-operated diaphragm pressure regulator with secondary ventilation.

Input and working pressure are displayed separately via 2 pressure gauges.

Press the handwheel to lock the pressure adjustment.

Brief introduction of Riegler large pressure regulator parameters

Package: 1

Minimum: 1

Sealing material: NBR

Flow: 48000 l / min

Flow measurement: at P1 = 10 bar, P2 = 8 bar, pressure drop Δp = 1 bar

Inlet pressure: up to 40bar

Housing: Aluminum

Line: G 1 1/2

Catalog Page: HK100

Medium temperature: 60 ° C

Maximum control range: 6bar

Control range minutes: 0.5bar

Ambient temperature: 90 ° C

Former: 180 mm

B: 246 mm

DN: 50

Riegler company profile:

The German Riegler company was founded in 1936 and has more than 100 employees. The warehouse covers an area of 6,500 square meters. The main products are: pressure gauges, pressure sensors, differential pressure gauges, thermometers, solenoid valves, ball valves, etc. Since its establishment, the company has been pursuing innovation, and its product range has been increasing, with more than 15,000 customers worldwide.

直流蜗杆减速电机马达PCC技术参数 PCC technical parameters of Minimotor- DC worm gear motor

Gear screw gear motor


Worm geared motor torque up to 18 nm

Worm geared motor. Permanent magnet DC motor 75 to 150 W. Wheelbase 32 mm.

Motor: DC with magnet, closed form, no external ventilation required. Class F insulation, 12 or 24 Vdc power supply. Absorbed power 230 W. IP65 protection class complies with CEI EN 60529 standard.

Reducer: worm screw with die-cast aluminum gearbox. Wheelbase 32 mm. CARO bronze crown with a hardness of 120 ÷ 160 HB. The screws are made of tempered steel with corrective threads. The sealing ring is made of special rubber, which is suitable for high temperature environment. Use special oil for long life. Available reduction ratio (i) is 10, from 5 to 100.

PCC technical parameters of Minimotor-DC worm gear motor

Version B3-B5 (B5 / S left-B5 / D right). Note In order to select the geared motor correctly, it is recommended to follow the table regarding the service factor and the maximum allowable load on the shaft.

These geared motors require a run-in period. Therefore, during the first 30 hours of operation, you will find that the torque is lower than the reported data.

Mini Motor factory profile:

The Mini Motor brand was born in 1974, when our products were now mainly aimed at industrial motors. We have added two ingredients in metals and electricity: electronics and information technology. The concepts of industrial automation and mechatronics were born in the late 1970s to early 1980

Motor 始终秉持以创新,持续改进,建设性卓越,与客户合作,共同规划解决方案。 Mini Motor always upholds innovation, continuous improvement, constructive excellence, and works with customers to plan solutions together. For them, every engine, even standard products. The engine, transmission and electronic components are already integrated in the design phase, and production is carried out entirely in-house, with materials and component quality.

在全球55个国家设有5个分支机构和密集的经销商网络:我们希望能够贴近客户并收集他们的需求。 Mini Motor has 5 branches and a dense dealer network in 55 countries around the world: we want to be close to our customers and collect their needs. 具有相同的关注度和卓越品质的相同特征。 We create custom solutions and standard products with the same characteristics and the same quality of excellence.

无齿隙联轴器技术资料: KTR-ROTEX ® GS Backlash Free Coupling Technical Data:

Product Features

Backlash-free, vibration-damped jaw coupling

Axial insert


Galvanic isolation


Torque from 0.2 to 5,850 Nm

Ambient temperature can be between -50 ° C and + 150 ° C (depending on the spider)

Couplings for machine tools, automation, power transmission, medical technology, packaging technology

ROTEX® GS is a three-piece coupling that is backlash-free under prestress. Different wheel designs and different Shore hardnesses provide coupling for every application in automation engineering. Despite its vibration-damping properties, it has torsional stiffness, so you don't need to make any precise concessions even when using highly dynamic servo drives. ROTEX GS is used in conjunction with a modular system; a number of different wheel designs are available, which can be combined in one coupling size.


In addition to the claw structure of the coupling hub, the zero clearance of the ROTEX GS is mainly due to the structure of the elastomer of the ROTEX GS. Their design allows the convex teeth of the bracket to contact the concave jaws of the coupling hub under prestress. In combination with straight teeth, reduces surface pressure of the coupling system and increases stiffness


The flexible elastomers of the GS series have five different Shore hardnesses. Different types of Shore hardness can be adjusted, ROTEX ® GS can be easily applied to various application conditions.

The flexible teeth are supported radially by a web on the inside diameter. In this way, deformation caused by heavy acceleration or high speed is prevented.

The allowable ambient temperature of the coupling depends on the Shore hardness of the star wheel.

KTR manufacturer profile:

Since entering the Chinese market, KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH of Germany has taken a large market share in the construction machinery industry with its German-made quality, especially its ROTEX series couplings, and has achieved remarkable achievements in the Chinese coupling market . German KTR couplings are widely used in engineering machinery, machine tools, metallurgy, petrochemical equipment and various general machinery. German KTR products are used in almost all mechanical equipment that requires power transmission.

K-7.209 简介 Introduction of AMTEC K type hydraulic nut K-7.209

mm ): 119 Outer diameter ( mm ): 119

mm ): 70 Height ( mm ): 70

Ø mm ): 100/88 Pressure ring Ø ( mm ): 100/88

mm ): 80 Maximum thread ( mm ): 80

KN ): 160.2 Maximum jacking force ( KN ): 160.2

Standard series K-7

With axial actuator screw and piston

Sealed grease system, release to atmosphere without pressure. Driven by a handheld hex wrench. The axial piston provides a compact nut diameter. 1,2 4mm 的轴向行程。 Thrust ring provides axial travel of 1,2 or 4mm .


120oC • Standard black oxidation treatment, temperature 120oC . 250°F )。 ( 250 ° F ).

240oC 460oF )的温度。 • Special decoration can withstand temperatures up to 240oC ( 460oF ).

• Alloy tool steel for body parts.

• Stainless steel, chemically nickel-plated or chrome-plated, optional anti-corrosion.

• Self-aligning annular thrust ring.

• Clean, efficient manual clamping system.

Example of AMTEC model:

AMTEC K-6.104

AMTEC K-6.204

AMTEC K-6.106

AMTEC K-6.206

AMTEC K-6.107

SPKVS 100K Blickle-2019-3-11 caster SPKVS 100K

SPKVS 100K casters

Solid steel flanged wheels

Wheel: special steel

3 3 degrees to the axis

Technical data

mm ): 125 (包括轮缘) Wheel diameter ( mm ): 125 (including rim)

mm ): 100 (无轮缘) Wheel diameter ( mm ): 100 (without rim)

mm ): 50 (包括轮缘) Wheel width ( mm ): 50 (including rim)

mm ): 40 (无轮缘) Traveling width ( mm ): 40 (without rim)

kg ): 1200 Load capacity ( kg ): 1200

Bearing type: Ball bearing

mm ): 25 Shaft hole diameter ( mm ): 25

mm ): 50 Hub length ( mm ): 50

Blickle model examples:


Blickle BRA-TPA,

Blickle LKRA-TPA,




Blickle BRA-VPA,

Blickle LKRA-VPA,

Blickle BKRA-VPA,


Blickle BKRA-VPA,

Blickle LKRA-VGA,


Blickle BPA-VPA,

Blickle LKPA-VPA,

Blickle BKPA-VPA,

Blickle LKPA-VGA,


回转阀门执行器参数简介 TECHAP- Rotary valve actuator parameter introduction

回转阀门执行器 TECHAP- Rotary Valve Actuator

90° 120° 180° 360° Partial swivel angle: 90 ° and 120 ° and 180 ° and 360 °

5-1600 Nm Turning force 5-1600 Nm

Special rotating force models and application requirements

according to

Double ball system

回转阀门执行器参数简介 TECHAP- Rotary valve actuator parameter introduction

动部分回转阀门执行器撞击在两侧或弹簧复位 TECHAP moving part rotary valve actuator hits on both sides or spring reset

公司简介: TECHAP company profile:

1967 年以来, TECHAP 一直为过程工程,水处理,工厂和设备制造,化学工业和机械工程领域的公司提供零部件和完整的工厂,如过程阀,截止阀 ( 也用于陶瓷,例如 ) ,注射器,回流阀,回流调节阀,换向阀用连续换向阀,过流保压阀,完全离子交换设备,用于脱硬,完全或部分脱盐,混床设备,残留金属去除设备,带流通技术的中和设备和其他特殊设备以及用于冷却水领域的模拟装置和设备。 Since 1967 , TECHAP has been supplying parts and complete plants for companies in the fields of process engineering, water treatment, plant and equipment manufacturing, chemical industry and mechanical engineering, such as process valves, globe valves ( also used in ceramics, for example ) , Syringe, backflow valve, backflow regulating valve, continuous reversing valve for reversing valve, overcurrent pressure maintaining valve, complete ion exchange equipment for dehardening, complete or partial desalination, mixed bed equipment, residual metal removal equipment, with circulation Technical neutralization equipment and other special equipment as well as simulation devices and equipment for the field of cooling water.

Product Categories:

Valve, control valve, control valve, ball check valve, check valve, nozzle, ejector, ion exchanger, desalination, water treatment, special valve, process control valve, chemical vapor absorbent

型号示例: TECHAP model examples:









公司简介: Brinkmann company profile:

Karl Heinz Brinkmann 1950 年创建的泵浦产品公司。 Brinkmann is a pump products company founded by Karl Heinz Brinkmann in 1950 .

Karl Heinz Brinkmann 先生创建了今天的 Brinkmann Pumps 公司。 In 1950 Karl Heinz Brinkmann founded today's Brinkmann Pumps . His goal is to provide customers with production technology and high-quality pump products.

Brinkmann Pumps 公司一直贯彻着这项宗旨。 To this day, Brinkmann Pumps continues to do this. BRINKMANN PUMPS 还不断依据市场需求来改进调整自己的产品线。 In addition to the pump series, BRINKMANN PUMPS also continuously improves and adjusts its product line according to market needs. BRINKMANN PUMPS 公司在全球享有盛誉。 Innovative design concepts, close cooperation with customers and mutual trust, many pumping profits and innovations make BRINKMANN PUMPS company enjoy a high reputation worldwide.

系列产品 Brinkmann products

BRINKMANN 工业泵类型 1.BRINKMANN industrial pump type


BRINKMANN 插桶泵 3 , BRINKMANN barrel pump

BRINKMANN 手提桶装泵 4 , BRINKMANN portable barrel pump

BRINKMANN 隔膜泵 5 , BRINKMANN diaphragm pump

BRINKMANN 气动隔膜泵 6 , BRINKMANN pneumatic diaphragm pump

BRINKMANN 压滤机 7 , BRINKMANN filter press

BRINKMANN 污泥脱水机 8.BRINKMANN sludge dewatering machine

BRINKMANN 计量泵 9 , BRINKMANN metering pump

BRINKMANN 加药装置 10 , BRINKMANN dosing device

BRINKMANN 螺杆泵 11 , BRINKMANN screw pump

BRINKMANN 单螺杆泵 12 , BRINKMANN single screw pump

BRINKMANN 潜水泵 13 , BRINKMANN submersible pump

BRINKMANN 污水泵 14 , BRINKMANN sewage pump

高压泵的主要系列有: BFS, TFS, FFS ,非常适合提供润滑过滤冷却润滑剂 ( 油和乳剂 ) The main series of BRINKMANN high pressure pumps are: BFS, TFS, FFS , which are very suitable for providing lubricating filter cooling lubricants ( oils and emulsions ) .

旋转泵主要系列有: SFT, SFT-C The main series of BRINKMANN rotary pumps are: SFT, SFT-C

机泵主要系列有: SFC,SXC,SPC The main series of BRINKMANN pumps are: SFC, SXC, SPC

抽吸泵主要系列有: TAS,STS The main series of BRINKMANN suction pumps are: TAS, STS

沉浸吸入泵系列有: SBA,SBA-V,SBG,SBG-V,SBF,SBC,BFT,SBM BRINKMANN immersion suction pump series are: SBA, SBA-V, SBG, SBG-V, SBF, SBC, BFT, SBM

浸没式水泵系列: KTF BRINKMANN immersion pump series: KTF

微型离心泵,抽吸泵:系列: KC,SB BRINKMANN Mini Centrifugal Pumps, Suction Pumps: Series: KC, SB

型号示例: Examples of Brinkmann models:

泵tb63/220 Brinkmann pump tb63 / 220

Brinkmann pumps tb100 to 170-m to 470

Brinkmann pumps te142 to 560

Brinkmann pump ta600

Brinkmann pumps te141 / 270 to 340

Brinkmann pump STE143

Brinkmann pump tb40 / 170

Brinkmann pumps STA903 to 1120

Brinkmann pump tb25 / 270

Brinkmann pump tb63 / 270 to 450

泵TA600 Brinkmann pump TA600

泵TE141/550至350-M Brinkmann pumps TE141 / 550 to 350-M

泵TB100 Brinkmann pump TB100

泵TB40/170至1000 Brinkmann pumps TB40 / 170 to 1000

泵STA1004 Brinkmann pump STA1004

介绍 Burocco Introduction

Burocco Valves was established in Italy in 1954. Burocco Industrial Valve Co., Ltd. has been committed to continuous research in the field of shut-off valves and regulations, aiming to bring products to the market to meet customers' growing needs in terms of quality and technology. Modern production facilities allow us to better respond to market demands and develop new products, enriching the range of models for different fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, low temperature, steel, food, textile and general industry.

控制阀系列: 2000和2003 BUROCCO control valve series: 2000 and 2003

The above are the technical parameters of Internomen-high pressure filter stainless steel EHP series and some examples of Internomen models

Beijing Handason Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

| 2nd year

Mobile phone: 17718886843

Contact: Liu Wei

Phone: 86-010-64717020-214

Fax: 86-010-64717020

(When contacting me, please indicate that you saw it on the security exhibition website , thank you!)

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