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DB-Jiangmen Electric Lifting Vehicle

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Jiangmen Electric Lifting Vehicle

As a common public facility, the lifting column plays an important role in our daily life. It is suitable for vehicles with high traffic volume and medium safety requirements for vehicle access control places. Can be widely used in banks, institutions, research and development centers, power stations, highways, industrial parks, high-end villas, high-end office buildings, luxury boutiques, pedestrian streets and other places.

Lifting column types have been extended to various styles, and their main classifications are:

、气压式全自动升降柱:空气作为驱动介质,通过外置气压动力单元,驱动柱体的上升下降。 1. Pneumatic full-automatic lifting column: air is used as the driving medium, and the cylinder is driven to rise and fall through an external pneumatic power unit.

、液压式全自动升降柱:液压油作为驱动介质。 2 , hydraulic automatic lifting column: hydraulic oil as the driving medium. There are two control methods, that is, the external hydraulic power unit (the driving part is separated from the cylinder) or the built-in hydraulic unit power unit (the driving part is placed in the cylinder) to drive the cylinder to rise and fall.

、机电式全自动升降:通过柱体内置的电机驱动柱体的升降。 3. Electromechanical automatic lifting: The lifting of the cylinder is driven by the built-in motor.

、半自动式升降柱:上升过程通过柱体内置的动力单元驱动,下降时依靠人力完成。 4. Semi-automatic lifting column: the ascent process is driven by the built-in power unit, and it is completed by manpower when descending.

、提拉式升降柱:上升过程需要人力提拉完成,下降时依靠柱体自身重量。 5. Lifting type lifting column: the lifting process requires manual lifting to complete, and it depends on the weight of the column when descending.

、可移动式升降柱:柱体和基座部分分离设计,待柱体不需要起管制作用时可以收起。 6. Movable lifting column: The column and base part are designed separately, and can be stowed when the column does not need to control.

、固定柱:柱体直接与路面固定。 7 , fixed column: the column is directly fixed to the road.

Jiangmen Electric Lifting Vehicle

Everyday on the road, you can see all kinds of safety equipment. Today we compare what is different. The pier we saw was cheaper and the equipment was convenient. However, it cannot be corrected after being damaged, and there are limitations in its use. The long-term fixed cylinder cannot be moved in the case of urgent traffic. The reason why the lifting column will be expected by everyone in the modern era will surely have its own irreplaceable advantages:

快速安静:升降时间可达 3 秒,远远大于同等标准的气动路障机,这一点极端难能可贵。 1. Fast and quiet: The lifting time can reach 3 seconds, which is much longer than the equivalent standard pneumatic roadblock machine. This is extremely valuable. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, it moves softly and quietly, which solves the problem of the large noise caused by the air pump operation of the traditional pneumatic lifting column.

操控灵敏 :操控单元选用多功用逻辑操控器,能够调制多种不一样的功用形式,以满意不一样用户在功用上的不一样的需求。 2. Sensitive operation : The control unit uses a multi-function logic controller, which can modulate a variety of different function forms to satisfy the different needs of different users in terms of functions.

结构共同:其中心部分液压单元与机械动力组织共同规划,可有用地将机械能传递给液压驱动单元,动作高效。 3. Common structure: The hydraulic unit of the central part is jointly planned with the mechanical power organization, which can effectively transfer mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit, and the action is efficient. The hydraulic unit completes the joint planning of the pressure helicopter, and has outstanding functions, which are rare in the same category at home and abroad.

安全牢靠 :当遇停电等紧迫情况时,可遥控开启紧迫下降,以开放通道,放行车辆,运转稳定牢靠。 4. Reliable and safe : When there is an urgent situation such as a power outage, it can be opened remotely and pressed down to open the passage to release the vehicle. The operation is stable and reliable.

经济实惠:因为本身为液压系列,环保节能,低消耗,故障率更低,使用寿命更长,降低了保护本钱。 5. Affordable: Because it is a hydraulic series, it is environmentally friendly, energy saving, low consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, and reduced protection costs.

Applicable places

It has a wide range of uses. No matter it is a highway or an airport, or a unit's entrance, you can use lifting piles to complete vehicle control. The high-intensity rack design structure is suitable for airports, power plants, bank entrances, etc., the heavy-duty rack structure design is suitable for enterprises and institutions, parking lots, hospitals and other places, and the light-weight rack structure is suitable for scenic spots, properties, squares and other places. However, stone pier is only suitable for traffic intersections that do not need to be raised and lower, compared with the lifting column. There may still be many shortcomings in the differences between the four lifting piles and the stone pier organized by the shield-protected Xiaobian, but from these points of view, you can understand why netizens recommend the use of stainless steel piles, and indeed from these aspects Look better than the stone pier: sturdy and durable, anti-collision, more styles, wide range of applications and so on.

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